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I'm finding that my decision to not do any theatre this summer in order to concentrate on sewing has left me rather bored and bereft of a social life, but at least I've started to make progress on my historical sewing projects, which is some small consolation. I've finally got my late 1880s bustle done, so I can at least start on skirts now, but for the life of me, I CANNOT find a late 1880s bodice pattern that fits AT ALL. The late 1880s is one of my favorite costume eras, and this year's theme at TeslaCon *is* late 1880s, but I've tried so many patterns that just don't remotely work (and I'm terrible at making patterns from scratch) that I'm just about to give up in despair. *sigh* (On the bright side, I finally made an 1860s/early 70s bodice pattern that fits, so I'm super excited to make some new stuff when I get back to Civil War reeanacting next year!)

In fandom news, I'm terribly, terribly sad that Deborah Watling, who played one of my very favorite Doctor Who companions, has passed away. It was apparently a very recent illness- I just saw her at a Doctor Who convention 8 months ago, and she certainly didn't seem ill then. I first met her at the same convention two years before that, when I'd made cosplays of two of her costumes, and I actually cried the first time I talked to her and told her how much her portrayal of Victoria meant to me! But she was very sweet and hugged me, and asked how long it had taken to make them, and said they looked just like the original outfits she wore. And when I fretted that I had to just guess what color to make the dress from 'Evil of the Daleks' because there were no color photos of it, she said that it didn't matter, because I'd made it with love, so even if it wasn't the exact same color, it was still perfect. I'll never forget that as long as I live. You cosplay a character because you love them, and to be able to let the person who created the character know that means so much.

I think Victoria is a hugely underrated character, and Deborah made her so real and lovable. Her scene with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in 'Tomb of the Cybermen' where he comforts her about her father's death is honestly one of the most beautiful scenes in Doctor Who. It feels like far too soon to be saying goodbye to someone at 69, in this day and age when people live so long, but I'll always treasure the work she did, and the brief time I got to spend with her. RIP Debbie. ♥
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Not much to post about- been shockingly unproductive lately. (Though I did go to see My Fair Lady at the Lyric Opera a second time before it closed! It was even better the second time, and it's now unquestionably my favorite show I've ever seen. If only it had been filmed!! I'd watch it all the time. Ugh, I just love it soooo much!! *starts humming 'I Could Have Danced All Night'*)

I'm slightly questioning whether I'll go to this year's Doctor Who convention- I did already buy tickets, but you can still transfer them to someone else. I had intended to compete in the Masquerade, since there's no guests I want pics or autographs from this year, so I would have time to go to all the rehearsals and whatnot, but I'm having a devil of a time finding a pattern to use for the cosplay I wanted to do. I have all the fabric and accessories for Tegan's Victorian ballgown from 'Enlightenment', but when I made a muslin of the bodice pattern I planned to use (Laughing Moon 1890s bodice)- it did not fit AT ALL. So I'm back to square one, and not terribly enthused about it, and if I don't compete in the Masquerade, I don't know if it's worth it to go. :/

Nearing the end of my Classic Who watch-a-thon though! I've had to go somewhat out of order out of necessity, so I just watched Romana II's last ep and Sarah Jane's last back to back. Whovian musings under cut )

So now I have only six more serials left to watch before I'll have seen every Classic Who story!! It's been more than four years since I started; it's going to be strange not to have 'new' old Who to watch. But then of course, there's always Big Finish. I bought the rest of Eight & Charley's stories last time they had a sale, so I've got quite a lot to listen to. There's not really any such thing as being 'done' where Doctor Who is concerned, lol.
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Been laying low and trying to rest up since my last play closed, because a) I was sick as a dog and b) I wanted to feel better for my road trip to see 'My Fair Lady' in Chicago! I saw it on Thursday and it was AMAZING!!!

my fair lady program

The Lyric Opera has been doing an annual musical for a few years, and they're always spectacular world class productions, but this one was my absolute favorite I've seen. For one thing, Richard E. Grant is playing Henry Higgins. I nearly fainted when I heard they'd cast him- he's been one of my favorite actors for years, and never in my wildest dreams did I, a penniless midwestern girl, think I would ever get the chance to see him live on stage! And he was perfect in this role, as was Lisa O'Hare as Eliza Doolittle.

A review with spoilers and squeeing )
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It's the final weekend of the play I'm doing! Though I've been sick for the past week and will be glad for the rest when it's over, I'll miss the show itself for sure. In addition to stage managing, I also play a bit part in three scenes, so I have fun dressing up as the 1930s version of myself: I play the wardrobe lady! A few backstage selfies:

backstage selfie act one
Act one, in my cute little vintage apron, aww.

Read more... )
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So tired. Final dress rehearsal for my latest play went well- but honestly after a very long tech week, I feel like I'd rather just be done with it and sleep for a whole day than go to opening night tomorrow! But apparently people have paid to come see us, which is pretty cool after all, so the show goes on. And since I'm running the show from backstage, I get to play with the vintage hats and costumes in the ladies dressing room while they're all on stage, heehee! (No, I'm not supposed to, but that's just what happens when you leave me alone with a rack full of vintage clothing for any length of time. When the cat's

I'm sad that I didn't finish my fic for [community profile] who_guestfest yet again. *sigh* But at least I started one this year! But once tech week came around, it was a lost cause to even think about writing anything. Still gonna try and finish eventually, but probably after the show closes, since I'll need to sleep sometime between then and now!

Watched the season premiere of Doctor Who, since I was sitting home that Saturday night and had nothing else to do anyway. (Or so I thought: I learned the next day that THE ZOMBIES(!!!) had played a concert a few miles away from me that very night and I'd missed it. I had no idea the original band members had even gotten back together, let alone had a tour stop in my hometown, so I spent the next day crying my eyes out at missing my one chance ever to hear my favorite band live. But I digress...) text )

Anyway, just hoping to get thru the rest of this weekend without collapsing! *fingers crossed*
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Rehearsals chugging along for the play I'm currently doing. We load in to the theater this Sunday, so I should hunker down and make up scene change lists and whatnot, but right now I'd rather be writing Doctor Who fic and sewing dresses, especially since once tech week starts, I'll have no energy left for anything else. And I'm stage managing AND acting in it, which are two different parts of my brain that don't usually work together, so I'm avoiding thinking about it till I have to. Adulting is hard okay

Still figuring out my Teslacon wardrobe- it's probably the only historical costume event I'll get to this year, since I've got wayyy too much theater going on and am taking the year off from my Civil War group again. None of my old 1860s dresses fit anymore, and I don't have time to make a new 1860s wardrobe and a Teslacon wardrobe, and I'm just more interested in the Teslacon stuff. This year's theme is late 1880s eastern European, slightly Goth-influenced, to which I say: HECK YES! The perfect excuse to use up my horde of velveteen and make that Truly Victorian Imperial bustle I've been coveting for so long! I'm still struggling with finding late Victorian bodice patterns that work tho- I've given up on Truly Victorian bodices entirely. They're just NOT made for my figure at all, but then almost nothing is when you're petite and busty. Gonna try the Laughing Moon 1890s bodice pattern and see if that works better. *fingers crossed*
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Here is the new masterpost for my second prompt table originally claimed on LJ and now transferred to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts:

First Doctor Era: 15 prompts - Poetry Randomiser

#01 Writing by candlelight #02 – A silken dress #03 – Too long shut in #04 – Where are you leading me #05 – In ferocious cold
#06 – Beating wings #07 – I dare not move #08 – I had a dream #09 – Put off that mask #10 – The scene is set
#11 – And the sudden light #12 – Enchantment was undone #13 - The dust of a kiss #14 - A gallant flower #15 - All in war with Time
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I'm migrating my prompt table claims from LJ over to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts, so here is my masterpost for my first claim:

Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright: 6 Prompts - Fanfic Genres

#01 – Angst #02 – Fluff #03 – Crack
#04 – Crossover #05 – Plot What Plot
#06 - Romance
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I realize I've neglected online blogging for a while, due to a combination of being very busy with theater things and the uncertainty over the fate of LJ. Even though I'd officially decided to move over to Dreamwidth, I was clinging to LJ since it's still bigger and busier and I'm loathe to lose the active comms I have there. (There's a comm I'd love to import to DW, but I'm only a mod and I fear the owners are long gone, and I worry about losing that one particularly.)

But I think now with LJ's new user agreement upon us, it's finally time to be more active in my migration to Dreamwidth. I'm not going to delete my journal over there or anything, & I'm going to try to figure out how to cross-post DW entries to LJ, but I might disable LJ-side commenting. I think more of us trying to be active on DW might encourage others and liven things up over here. I'm still getting the hang of the differences between the two sites, and that'll probably take a while to get used to, but I'm going to try. I don't relish losing LJ one bit, since I've been there for such a long time & there's so many memories and so much history there. But if it becomes necessary to let it go one day, I'd like to be pro-active about creating something to take it's place. I'd like to think that if we could build up a fandom there, we can build up the same here too.

So, Hello Dreamwidth! *waves*
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How is it December already??? November was just too surreal; between the actual apocalypse that happened on the 8th, and then me having to ignore it as best I could to get costumes finished for the 2 conventions I already had memberships for, plus stage managing a play- holy mackerel, am I tired! Ignoring the horrors of the real world was not easy or entirely successful, but at least I managed to get costume sewing done at the last minute. (I have pics! They still need to be sorted through, though.)

I still feel bad about having to abandon my plans for a project for [ profile] who_at_50, but I just couldn't find time, alas. There's always next year I guess...

Anyway, I'm hoping to be back on LJ more regularly- even though I know that's probably an overly ambitious goal with my play running thru the end of December, and the sewing projects I intend to start. I'm so excited to plan outfits for next year's Steampunk and Doctor Who conventions that I actually started pinterest boards. And in case anyone was unaware, Pinterest is kind of addictive for anybody who's creative and/or crafty! You intend to spend a few minutes, but instead you're engrossed in pinning shiny things for hours. But I know that if I actually start sewing now, it might save me from last-minute hotel room sewing again next year, which would be great! I scaled back my costume plans this year, and I'd have got them done in enough time if it weren't for my despondence over the election costing me at least a week and a half. It seemed inconsequential to go to cons at first when the future is so grim, but once I got there, it was really great to be somewhere with so many kind and creative people all sharing their goodwill and creativity, and just trying to have fun and make each other happy. There were mentions of our collective dread in conversations even there- you can't escape it, it's touched nearly every corner of everyone's lives. But the overwhelming feeling when talking to people was that we're in this together and we won't let the people who spew hate and fear win. In it's small way, just being creative and inclusive and kind is a defiant act. We have a lot of fighting to do, but we need to have happy moments as well to keep us going when the going gets tough. If I'm able to attend any cons again next year, I certainly will. (Pics to come later!)
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Random updating returns! For a start, it's my birthday today, and I feel rather ill, but I'm determined to go out and get an ice cream sundae later and try to have some fun and not feel too depressed that I'm another year older. It feels a little anti-climactic to have my actual birthday a few days after my birthday party, but I've got a rehearsal tonight, and a couple of my friends are in the show, so at least I'll get to see them and that's nice. And anyway, last week I went to hear Chad & Jeremy (1960s British folk duo) live in concert as my early birthday present to myself, which was amazing and so much fun, so I really can't complain. (They're just as good now as they were in 1964. They're very funny in person, and they've even branched out into blues-ier songs as well, which they're equally adept at. But hearing their classics like 'A Summer Song', 'Willow Weep for Me' and 'Distant Shores' live was just magical. And I got to chat with them when they signed my poster! Not many 60s bands a girl my age can say that about!)

So as mentioned above, rehearsals for this year's holiday panto have started. We're doing the Wizard of Oz, and it's good silly fun. I don't think I quite have my stage manager organizational brain capabilities 100% back yet, but hopefully it'll come to me soon!

Amidst lists and script changes and rehearsals I don't have much time for other projects, but I'm chugging along with my sewing- my brown Steampunk jacket for TeslaCon is ready to be sewn together, or at least seems to be- it's a Simplicity pattern, so I don't trust it one bit, but the muslin mock-up didn't have any problems, so I'm keeping fingers crossed it'll behave as well in the cotton twill fashion fabric.

Been randomly watching Classic Who. I got very bored once Harry left, though! I don't know what it is that makes my brain turn off the minute it's only the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the TARDIS, and I feel like a bad fan for it, but idk. I just couldn't keep awake during 'Planet of Evil' or 'Pyramids of Mars' even though everyone says they're some of the best. Maybe it's the definite shift from the 'team tardis' dynamic to the 'doctor and sidekick' dynamic that I find off-putting. But I'll continue to watch because it's Doctor Who and I'm so close to finishing the classic series! (And also I've been procrastinating by listening to Big Finish in between TV serials- oops! I should really give all the Big finish stories proper reviews someday when I'm less busy.)

Anyway, that's all for now and I should get some sleep. LOL that would be the best birthday present of all!
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A wild blog post appears! I'm still here! Well what do you know!

Did another play- it was a great show, I had a lot of fun, and I made some great friends. It was great to have my little theatre family to keep me sane and make me laugh over a rather stressful summer, and I miss seeing them every day so much now that it's over.

I'm already in the midst of auditions for the next play I'm stage managing- a panto version of the Wizard of Oz. It should be fun, if last year's panto is any indication, but it promises to be a big production, so that will be a lot of work for me! And I have 2 conventions I still haven't started wardrobes for this November! *bites nails*

Also I'm a little afraid that Civil War reeancting is a bust for this year. I've been busy with one thing or another since this spring, and I've missed every event so far this year. We're supposed to attend at least 3, but there's only 2 more left. Oops. And I'd really need a new dress- my old ones don't even fit anymore, phooey! But I also need a complete Steampunk (or at least late Victorian) wardrobe for TeslaCon, so the likelihood of an 1860s dress happening this year is pretty low. But assuming they let me come back next year, eek! I splurged on 2 volumes of 1860s fashion plates to give me ideas for next year! And I'm itching to use the gaudy plaid silks I bought before Hancock closed down, and what better project for them than a gaudy 1860s plaid dress? ;)

I really, really want to write more too. I've been horribly procrastinating on that, but I want to fill my fic prompt tables! I've had them for like two years and I need to get cracking on finishing. I have a few stories written or half-written that I'm not 100% sure of- I might have to find a beta reader. I don't even know how one does that these days- I feel so old in internet years lol. One more thing for my to-do list...
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Life continues to be crazy. I've had to try to get as much stuff out of my apartment as possible, since they finally decided to remodel the bathroom after many years of asking, but most stuff got put in the basement, which is now flooded after torrential rain these past few days, so now I have to get it all out of there. *headdesk* It seems the universe is determined for me not to have any fun or get any creative endeavors finished AT ALL this summer. And the tropical humidity this week certainly hasn't helped to improve my morale. :/

I attempted to have some fun today by going to the vintage flea market I'd been excited about for months, but as soon as I got there it rained. A lot. And since it was outdoors, both the attendees and the merchandise got soaked. There were some straw purses and silk scarves I might have bought had they not been totally wet through, so that was disappointing, but when people suggested that having it indoors next year would be a good idea, the people putting it on got offended and seemed to think we were insinuating they didn't care about the condition of their merchandise, which seemed a bit of an extreme take-away from a friendly customer suggestion! (Although on second thought, they probably don't care very much if they brought all their most expensive unique pieces outside without enough tents to cover them all!) On the bright side, there were a few racks inside, and I got to try on a 1910s sheer overdress that fit me perfectly. It was pretty expensive and in poor condition, so I didn't buy, but I think I could re-create it pretty easily with fabrics and patterns I have in my stash, so yay! I always think vintage shopping isn't wasted, because even without buying something you can still get ideas for things to make. (But next time I hope I won't have to get so wet!!)

Haven't had time for Classic Who despite my best efforts. Maybe next month things will be settled down again finally, and I'll be able to write again and sew for TeslaCon at last. *fingers crossed*
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Life has been crazy lately- I've had family crisis come up that makes my schedule unpredictable, so I had to quit the Shakespeare play I was doing. I feel horribly guilty because it opens next week, but there's no way I can commit to the rigorous schedule of it right now. And I actually got to sing in one scene, and I really miss singing with other people, so I'm rather gutted to be missing out on that. But sometimes there's nothing you can do when everything happens at once. *sigh*

Obviously, I haven't had any time for sewing and I think my Peggy Carter cosplay will have to be shelved. Boo. But I can always wear one of my old Disney Princess outfits for that convention. What I really need to concentrate on making a wardrobe for is TeslaCon! I've been designing random steampunk things for years that I've never actually made, so this is the year to finally do it! I'm washing up some fabric and hoping to start sewing as soon as I have some free time.

My Doctor Who watch-a-thon has resumed with 'Revenge of the Cybermen'. Reactions here )
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I've been trying to get back to sewing again after the craziness of Costume-Con, so I decided to start by making some doll dresses. I have a huge stash of doll clothes patterns and little fabric remnants to use up, and I'm quite pleased with this Vogue 1950s Barbie sundress I just finished:
1950s doll dress

(I'll have to find a doll without blue legs to model it sometime later lol)

Also I've been a little remiss in my Doctor Who watching- I'm taking a break to go back and watch season 1 of Agent Carter. I'm horribly put out that it just got cancelled, as it's a great show, and I think I have a need to cosplay Peggy Carter now! I have a vintage 1940s felt hat that I think could work if I can find a red, white and blue ribbon for it, and I'm sure I've got a 1940s suit pattern I can use. (And if the hat doesn't work, there's a vintage clothing fair in town next month! Of course it's on the same day that the play I'm on the crew for has two shows, but I'll just have to get up early so I can go vintage shopping before the play starts!)
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And here we have the grand finale of my Costume Con wardrobe: the pink 1870 ballgown!
1870 ballgown

More behind the cut! )
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Just one pic of the flapper outfit I wore to the Friday Night Social:

I bought this dress at a rummage sale years ago at a cost of about 50 cents, and I just altered it to make it look 1920s. I adore it, and it reminds me of one Lady Mary wore on Downton Abbey, so I wore it with a black wig and a jeweled headband in an attempt to look like her. I don't think I was successful in that, but it was a cute outfit and I had fun wearing it, and people liked it, so that's what's important. :)

(Apologies for the crappy mirror selfie- the lights were turned down at the social so you couldn't really get pics. Please ignore the room full of fabric in the background!)
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Here is the 1898 green cotton summer suit I made, which I wore on Saturday:

more behind cut )
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After a crazy busy weekend of last minute sewing, all my dresses got done, got worn, and won ribbons! I didn't compete any of them in the Masquerades, but getting hall costume awards for all three of the new outfits I made was a nice surprise and I'm so proud of it. I saw so many amazing costumes of all kinds over the weekend, learned new things, and the Masquerades were the best ones I've seen at any convention. And I met Theresa LaQuey! (I didn't realize it till the after the con ended, but she actually designed the very first doll dress pattern I ever made back when I started out sewing! *nostalgic sniffles*)

Anyway, on to the pics! Here is my early 1870s walking dress, aka Dream Dress #1, which I wore during the day on Sunday:

1870 day dress

more pics under cut )
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Costume Con is this week! The 1870 day dress is almost done but for a few finishing touches, and the 1870 ball dress should hopefully be done just in time! Building a new era of dress from the ground up, including all the underpinnings, took a lot of time, and consequently I have nothing else new to wear during the day on Sunday. I'm wondering now what I should wear, and thinking either the 1870 day dress again; my Lady Mary Crawley cosplay (because when else will I be able to cosplay a character from Downton Abbey? Even if no one gets it, it's still a fun flapper dress!) or my 1860s summer dress- which, while it is pretty, it's also the only 1860s dress I have that currently fits, so I wore it reenacting all last year and am rather tired of it. However, it already has accessories, and hoopskirts have more wow factor than most other styles. IDK.

pics of said 1860s dress, for the curious )

I really did want to do a dress diary type thing with work-in-progress pics but now it'll have to wait till my next historical dress project- I've got so much sewing to do yet that I even skipped the season finale of Grantchester, and if I give up Masterpiece or Mystery!, you know it's serious! But I still had to watch Mr. Selfridge because no one can give up everything :p

(Grantchester has finally grown on me after all, though it's generally a bit of a downer. But it's a British period mystery show, so there's wasn't much chance I'd able to keep away from it for long, lol. I usually want to scream at Sidney for being a self-destructive human train wreck, and I really don't care for his tortured romance with Amanda at all, but it's all very nice to look at, at least! I'm genuinely fond of Leonard especially, and I very much hope his tentative romance with his new boyfriend doesn't end sadly, because he's a beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves happiness and I will cry if anything bad happens to him.)

Onward to more sewing!


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