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And here we have the grand finale of my Costume Con wardrobe: the pink 1870 ballgown!
1870 ballgown




This is another one of my dream dresses, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! I've always wanted a floofy Victorian bustle ballgown, and I knew it had to be pink and have lace and a train, and the early 1870s is one of my favorite eras because it's just so frilly and feminine and pretty. I didn't have a particular dress or fashion plate I based it on, just sort of a combination of the many frilly pink ballgowns seen in fashion plates from the early 70s, and it looks exactly as I imagined it.

Unfortunately I lined the bodice in the same horrible stretchy sateen that I lined the bodice of my other dress in, and the neckline stretched out like crazy! It kept slipping down all night and I had to keep pulling it up so that my chemise didn't show. Also I forgot my gloves, so my hands and arms look a little bare, but aside from those quibbles, I'm just relieved it got done in time to wear it Sunday night. I was literally sewing the lace onto the bodice at the hotel just a half hour before the Masquerade started (which is one of the various reasons I decided against competing in the Masquerade lol). It's a shame you can't really see my jewelry in the pics, because it was the real stuff that I'd been too afraid to wear before this- pearls and 14k gold! Sooo pretty!

I really felt like Cinderella in this outfit, so life goal accomplished!!!
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