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Life has been crazy lately- I've had family crisis come up that makes my schedule unpredictable, so I had to quit the Shakespeare play I was doing. I feel horribly guilty because it opens next week, but there's no way I can commit to the rigorous schedule of it right now. And I actually got to sing in one scene, and I really miss singing with other people, so I'm rather gutted to be missing out on that. But sometimes there's nothing you can do when everything happens at once. *sigh*

Obviously, I haven't had any time for sewing and I think my Peggy Carter cosplay will have to be shelved. Boo. But I can always wear one of my old Disney Princess outfits for that convention. What I really need to concentrate on making a wardrobe for is TeslaCon! I've been designing random steampunk things for years that I've never actually made, so this is the year to finally do it! I'm washing up some fabric and hoping to start sewing as soon as I have some free time.

My Doctor Who watch-a-thon has resumed with 'Revenge of the Cybermen'. It was alright, but I have to say that the Cybermen aren't really very scary anymore in their 1970s redesign. The normal voices are probably the biggest reason for that though- the Cyberleader in this one sounded very peevish, which was distinctly less menacing than their old metallic monotone! And I'd forgotten how much they made Sarah Jane scream. It's pretty annoying after a while, and frankly baffling, since Sarah Jane is a character with a strong personality who would be better served by some snarky dialog than just more screaming. But it's well-known that the all-male writers thought the audience wouldn't know something was scary if someone didn't scream at it, so here we are. (And heaven forbid a male character could ever scream!) But at least nowadays people only remember how awesome she is rather than her scream quota, so all's well. If only some of the other companions were so lucky! *cough* *victoria* *cough*

And I can't be the first person to notice that the aliens in this had the Seal of Rassilon all over everything on their planet? I mean, I get that this was before any episodes set on Gallifrey, and they were probably just re-using props thinking they'd save money and no one would notice, but c'mon, this is sci-fi, the fans notice everything! Even back then! Now I need an in-universe explanation for it! But there isn't one. Except probably in a fanfic somewhere. You can find anything in a fanfic somewhere lol.

Date: 2016-07-11 11:52 am (UTC)
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Aw, I'm sorry about the play. It's hard to have to miss out on things like that and let people down - but you're entirely right, you've got to do it if it's needed. :-/

And, yes, Revenge of the Cybermen is definitely one of the weakest stories of that era! And obviously you are not the first person to notice the Seal of Rassilon in its first incarnation as the seal of the Vogans. I am quite sure it has been used as a theory somewhere, although I'd have to Google to find out and I can't be bothered this morning!! (If Virgin or BBC or Big Finish haven't explained it by now, then there'll definitely be fanon.) (My favourite thing about my DVD of Revenge is that it actually has David Collings on the commentary. He suggests at one point that they should have improved it by having Glenda Jackson as the Queen of the Vogans, which probably would have helped! It is the only David Collings commentary we have! They didn't even get him on the new special edition one for Robots of Death.)


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