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Life continues to be crazy. I've had to try to get as much stuff out of my apartment as possible, since they finally decided to remodel the bathroom after many years of asking, but most stuff got put in the basement, which is now flooded after torrential rain these past few days, so now I have to get it all out of there. *headdesk* It seems the universe is determined for me not to have any fun or get any creative endeavors finished AT ALL this summer. And the tropical humidity this week certainly hasn't helped to improve my morale. :/

I attempted to have some fun today by going to the vintage flea market I'd been excited about for months, but as soon as I got there it rained. A lot. And since it was outdoors, both the attendees and the merchandise got soaked. There were some straw purses and silk scarves I might have bought had they not been totally wet through, so that was disappointing, but when people suggested that having it indoors next year would be a good idea, the people putting it on got offended and seemed to think we were insinuating they didn't care about the condition of their merchandise, which seemed a bit of an extreme take-away from a friendly customer suggestion! (Although on second thought, they probably don't care very much if they brought all their most expensive unique pieces outside without enough tents to cover them all!) On the bright side, there were a few racks inside, and I got to try on a 1910s sheer overdress that fit me perfectly. It was pretty expensive and in poor condition, so I didn't buy, but I think I could re-create it pretty easily with fabrics and patterns I have in my stash, so yay! I always think vintage shopping isn't wasted, because even without buying something you can still get ideas for things to make. (But next time I hope I won't have to get so wet!!)

Haven't had time for Classic Who despite my best efforts. Maybe next month things will be settled down again finally, and I'll be able to write again and sew for TeslaCon at last. *fingers crossed*


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