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How is it December already??? November was just too surreal; between the actual apocalypse that happened on the 8th, and then me having to ignore it as best I could to get costumes finished for the 2 conventions I already had memberships for, plus stage managing a play- holy mackerel, am I tired! Ignoring the horrors of the real world was not easy or entirely successful, but at least I managed to get costume sewing done at the last minute. (I have pics! They still need to be sorted through, though.)

I still feel bad about having to abandon my plans for a project for [ profile] who_at_50, but I just couldn't find time, alas. There's always next year I guess...

Anyway, I'm hoping to be back on LJ more regularly- even though I know that's probably an overly ambitious goal with my play running thru the end of December, and the sewing projects I intend to start. I'm so excited to plan outfits for next year's Steampunk and Doctor Who conventions that I actually started pinterest boards. And in case anyone was unaware, Pinterest is kind of addictive for anybody who's creative and/or crafty! You intend to spend a few minutes, but instead you're engrossed in pinning shiny things for hours. But I know that if I actually start sewing now, it might save me from last-minute hotel room sewing again next year, which would be great! I scaled back my costume plans this year, and I'd have got them done in enough time if it weren't for my despondence over the election costing me at least a week and a half. It seemed inconsequential to go to cons at first when the future is so grim, but once I got there, it was really great to be somewhere with so many kind and creative people all sharing their goodwill and creativity, and just trying to have fun and make each other happy. There were mentions of our collective dread in conversations even there- you can't escape it, it's touched nearly every corner of everyone's lives. But the overwhelming feeling when talking to people was that we're in this together and we won't let the people who spew hate and fear win. In it's small way, just being creative and inclusive and kind is a defiant act. We have a lot of fighting to do, but we need to have happy moments as well to keep us going when the going gets tough. If I'm able to attend any cons again next year, I certainly will. (Pics to come later!)

Date: 2016-12-07 08:38 pm (UTC)
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Aw, I hope things get a bit calmer. And rl... yeah. :-/ *hugs*

I'm glad you had such a good time at the cons and I think it is important to still do good and nice things ourselves. ♥


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