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Rehearsals chugging along for the play I'm currently doing. We load in to the theater this Sunday, so I should hunker down and make up scene change lists and whatnot, but right now I'd rather be writing Doctor Who fic and sewing dresses, especially since once tech week starts, I'll have no energy left for anything else. And I'm stage managing AND acting in it, which are two different parts of my brain that don't usually work together, so I'm avoiding thinking about it till I have to. Adulting is hard okay

Still figuring out my Teslacon wardrobe- it's probably the only historical costume event I'll get to this year, since I've got wayyy too much theater going on and am taking the year off from my Civil War group again. None of my old 1860s dresses fit anymore, and I don't have time to make a new 1860s wardrobe and a Teslacon wardrobe, and I'm just more interested in the Teslacon stuff. This year's theme is late 1880s eastern European, slightly Goth-influenced, to which I say: HECK YES! The perfect excuse to use up my horde of velveteen and make that Truly Victorian Imperial bustle I've been coveting for so long! I'm still struggling with finding late Victorian bodice patterns that work tho- I've given up on Truly Victorian bodices entirely. They're just NOT made for my figure at all, but then almost nothing is when you're petite and busty. Gonna try the Laughing Moon 1890s bodice pattern and see if that works better. *fingers crossed*
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