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So tired. Final dress rehearsal for my latest play went well- but honestly after a very long tech week, I feel like I'd rather just be done with it and sleep for a whole day than go to opening night tomorrow! But apparently people have paid to come see us, which is pretty cool after all, so the show goes on. And since I'm running the show from backstage, I get to play with the vintage hats and costumes in the ladies dressing room while they're all on stage, heehee! (No, I'm not supposed to, but that's just what happens when you leave me alone with a rack full of vintage clothing for any length of time. When the cat's

I'm sad that I didn't finish my fic for [community profile] who_guestfest yet again. *sigh* But at least I started one this year! But once tech week came around, it was a lost cause to even think about writing anything. Still gonna try and finish eventually, but probably after the show closes, since I'll need to sleep sometime between then and now!

Watched the season premiere of Doctor Who, since I was sitting home that Saturday night and had nothing else to do anyway. (Or so I thought: I learned the next day that THE ZOMBIES(!!!) had played a concert a few miles away from me that very night and I'd missed it. I had no idea the original band members had even gotten back together, let alone had a tour stop in my hometown, so I spent the next day crying my eyes out at missing my one chance ever to hear my favorite band live. But I digress...) I actually liked the season premiere episode much more than any of the other episodes Twelve has been in, tho I still can't say I really liked it compared to Doctor Who in general. The directing style, Capaldi's over-the-top acting, and the writing are all a bit stale and dull to me, but I nonetheless appreciated the fact that they let the Doctor behave much more kindly to Bill than he ever did toward Clara, and Bill was very much the best part of the episode. It was a big improvement for me to just be uninterested rather than offended by a New Who episode, so I might actually start watching again, on a trial basis. If they decide to go back to fun rather than nastiness and angst, I'm willing to give it a chance. (Nardole is a puzzling choice for co-companion, though. I never even remembered he existed when he wasn't on screen, and when he was on screen he was just annoying, so I'm not really sure why they're keeping him on. I find Matt Lucas rather distasteful in general though, since he used to write and act in a sketch comedy show that was painfully unfunny and downright offensive most of the time, but I suppose guys like Steven Moffatt probably found it hilarious. Eeek.) But yes, main thing: Bill is adorable and I'll watch for her sake for a while.

Anyway, just hoping to get thru the rest of this weekend without collapsing! *fingers crossed*
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