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I recently moved here from LJ, so hi Dreamwidth!

I'm a twenty-something bohemian hippie geek writer, who has a passion for history, art, and historical fashion. I think there ought to be more beauty and whimsy in life, so why not create it yourself?

I write historical fiction, my hobby is historical costuming, my first love is musical theatre, and I'm addicted to British TV. This journal is basically a place where I fangirl and write reviews of British TV shows, period movies, Broadway cast albums, and the odd mixture of Classic Lit, history, and Doctor Who stuff I read. Plus I chronicle my sewing adventures in both historical costuming and cosplay. (And I'm a serious die-hard figure skating fan, so if it's figure skating season, i.e. October-March, there will probably be some skating talk!)

I'm currently in the middle of the marathon of craziness and squee that is watching Classic Doctor Who from the beginning for the first time, so fair warning that I'm a bit Who obsessed at the moment!

Feel free to friend me if you share any of these interests, just leave a comment to introduce yourself. :)

Currently reading: uh, these days? Lots of scripts. I miss regular books tho!

Currently sewing: a new late 1880s bustle and an 1860s ladies short coat

Currently writing: a play full of geeky art history stuff that needs some editing, and some Doctor Who fic to fill up some prompt tables.
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