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1805 doll dress finished and beautiful, but I haven't yet moved on to the Harriet Vane blouse because I've been so darn tired lately. The only thing I've had the strength to do is sit and read books all day. Literally all day. I finished three novels in the last three days, which is hugely astonishing to me, since I'm usually a really slow reader. I've taken months to finish books before, and never, ever, finished one in a day. I think because I know if I stopped reading, I'd have to go do something constructive, and it's just easier to keep reading!

Read the first of Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, knowing full well it would be a different thing entirely from watching TV adaptations, but it still managed to be not what I expected in a different way than I expected.

Who would have thought that a little Whodunit would rake up so much emotional chaos? )
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The 1805 doll dress is almost finished, it just needs a hem. Believe it or not, the bodice of this darn thing gave me more trouble than either of the fussy Victorian bustle dresses I've done! It must be because it's so darn small; I don't think I've pricked my fingers with the pins that often in my life!

As an amusing aside, when one of the pins drew blood, I remember thinking to myself: "If that pin had been poisoned, I would be dead by now." At which point, the secondary thought occurred to me: "I have been watching WAY too much Miss Marple lately!" So what did I decide to do about it? Watch Lord Peter Wimsey instead! Because obviously "stop watching so many English murder mysteries all the time" is not a thought that would ever cross my mind. You just can't have too many episodes about poison pen letters, can you?

And now that I'm done with the 1805 dress, I'm free to turn my attention to copying every item in Harriet Vane's wardrobe! I actually have the book with the pattern they used for her blouse in the very last scene where she finally accepts Lord Peter. :-D


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