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I was all set to cut out the jacket and skirt for the 1914 doll dress, but somehow the fabric got wrinkled, and I cannot find the iron anywhere. Ugh. I think I might be forced to start another project in the meantime if I don't find it soon. The enforced inaction is killing me!

Just remembered I'll have to schlep to the library and get out my research books for reference if I'm going to re-write the ten lost pages of my story. Enforced inaction again. I might go insane but for the happy fact that my holds came in at the library for the DVDs of The Buccaneers, Berkeley Square and the last season of The House of Eliott! Sweet, sweet period drama heaven! And costumes! Oh, the soothing costume-induced bliss! As long as there are BBC period dramas, there is light and hope in the world. ;-D
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I just realized I could have used the fabric I'm making the jacket out of for the back of the waistcoat on the 1914 doll dress. And I just finished the waistcoat, complete with non-matching back. Ugh. I know it probably doesn't matter, but, still.

We're finally getting the new season of Doctor Who this month! Finally! Yay! It's just torture waiting for something you know that everyone in the UK has already seen before you!

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and re-write part of the story I was working on. My old computer is dead, and my mother, despite my repeated, impassioned pleas, will not lift a finger to help get it fixed, so everything I have on it is effectively lost and gone forever. So, the prospect of actual, physical writing with a pen and paper is my only option from here on in. This scares the hell out of me, considering how much physical pain writing puts me in, because of my fibromyalgia and my incurable habit of pressing really hard when I write. But I CANNOT give up writing. What in the heck I'm going to do, I have no idea. But I'm scared witless and I'd sell my soul to have my good old typewriter back.
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Apparently, spring and fall don't exist anymore. This year we went from winter directly into summer, and now we're going from summer directly back to winter. It is so freaking cold!!! Wasn't I just in a halter top last week? And now I'm in boots and coats and sweaters! Insane Madison weather.

Finished Strong Poison (which needless to say, I loved and adored) and am completey bereft because I didn't preemptively check out The Five Red Herrings from the library already, as is my custom with Wimsey books. Of course, I was tempted to skip it and go right to Have His Carcase, but I'm determined to read them in their original order. I must be strong!

Started on the 1914 doll dress with the good silks after all!!! I had to use a scrap that didn't match for the back of the waistcoat because it was the only thing that was the right weight, but hopefully it won't matter because you'll never see the back with the jacket on anyway! If this works out, it'll be SO lovely. I'll have to find a way to post pictures.
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It was so hot today that I wore a halter top, and now I'm in the library and I'm freezing to death. Not particularly pertinent to anything, but there it is.

I played around with my 1914 tester doll dress, and I figured out how to make it work, so maybe I will go ahead with the silk version after all.

Pattern drafting going surprisingly well. Last night I was feeling bold, so I decided to have a go at making a pattern for an Erte dress. Since the dress I had in mind is made out of one piece of fabric, I figured it couldn't be terribly complicated, and it wasn't. It turned out pretty nicely, so now I'll have to look for a fabric that'll be thin enough to drape properly for a doll. I think, in fact, this dress would work much better on a person for this very reason, but I'm afraid of what my mother would say to me using so many yards of fabric on an 'experiment'!

A lot of Erte's dresses are made from one piece of fabric, and I think they're much less complicated than they look. I think I'll have a lot of fun making some!


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