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Well, I don't know how it took me so long to discover but I finally did, and found several juicy tidbits of super exciting news: The Roundabout Theatre Company is putting on a revival of one of my all time favorite musicals, The Mystery of Edwin Drood!!! I've been wondering when the heck somebody would bring this show back, it's utterly brilliant and deserves to be known by all theater-loving folk everywhere. I'm reserving judgement about the casting until I actually hear a cast recording, since the original Broadway cast was so perfect and amazing that the idea of any other people in these roles will probably always feel like a little bit of a let down to me! I'm really wary of the costumes being designed by William Ivey Long though, since I've never seen a show he designed without thinking to myself "wow, these costumes totally missed the mark!" And how the show is designed is especially important for something like Drood, but again, the original production was so awesome that anything else is going to feel weird to me, for a while at least. I'll always love the original production best, but I think this is one of those shows that's so good in and of itself, that if you get decent performers, the material itself is enough make any production worthwhile. And hey, good or bad, at least it's putting the show out there and gets people interested in it! (Maybe even enough to re-issue the original cast recording again, PLEASE GOD!!!) But anyhow, DROOD DROOD DROOOOOD! OMG HOORAY!

In more OMG!Musicals news, there is, apparently, in the works after all this long time (and yes, my inner 12 year old is having a heart attack!) a stage version of (drum roll please!)... Anastasia! ANASTASIA. Lynn Ahrens. Stephen Flaherty. Anastasia. The glorious animated film I spent my teen years obsessively fangirling over to the point that I still can't hear about the Romanovs without getting ridiculously emotional. Holy heck. Being as hugely emotionally attached to this movie and this story and this score as I am, I'm not going to even allow myself to THINK about this show until it actually happens; there's only a reading of it going on right now, and there's a long way from that to a Broadway opening. Any number of changes could occur, and hopefully will, since reports of Terrence McNally as bookwriter and new characters being added and old ones deleted or changed kind of makes me queasy. I'm not so blinded by love as to think it won't need some tweaks to turn this film into a good stage musical (even in the movie I thought that Rasputin as the villian really needed to go. The drama is strong enough without a generic grey-skinned Disney-style baddie stuck in there) but I do think the central characters and their relationships are what make the film so strong, and if you change them too much or take them away, you lose the emotional core of the story. But anyway, like I said, I'm NOT going to think about it until it happens! Really not. Really. (But OMG who is going to play Dimitri?!?) SHUT UP BRAIN! You are NOT thinking about it!!! :P

So yeah, I'm super curious/frightened/excited by all this news, but trying to adopt a more zen attitude about it. No use getting all worked up till you actually have a cast album in your hands. (I think that's going to be my new motto from now on; I should have that on a bumper sticker!)
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I think I need to stay away from Phantom-related subjects for a while, since it took me four separate posts merely to begin to process Love Never Dies! On then, to other fun subjects: Animated movies!

I finally saw The Road to El Dorado the other day, and am quite surprised and happy to say that I liked it! It was lighthearted and fun, and it looked lovely, lots of color always makes me happy! And the character animation was the equal of Disney! ) I love hand-drawn animation so much, every single good one is an absolute treasure, so I heartily recommend The Road to El Dorado to anybody who loves fine animation. (And fun movies in general!) :D


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