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Once again, so much to tell since my last update! My panto closed last weekend- it was hard work, but worth it for all the laughter, and all the things I learned, and all the new friends I made. I miss it already! But my friends from the show convinced me to join Facebook after years of resisting, since apparently they have more privacy options now, so at least I'll still be able to hear from them all. (P.S. Facebook is apparently for people with way too much time on their hands- how can anyone sort through it all?! I'm not exactly a social butterfly and have no idea how people can have hundreds upon hundreds of 'friends', but I'm limiting 'friends' to people I've actually met, so that should hopefully keep it manageable. We'll see how it goes, or if I retreat in terror!)

But today is Christmas, so Merry Christmas to everyone! (Or Happy Holidays, since there are many other splendid mid-winter festivities in the world!) I'm celebrating with a turkey dinner and my usual round of old Christmas movies, so I'd say I've had myself a merry little Christmas, and I hope everyone else is having happy and peaceful celebrations too. :D

I wanted to write some holiday-themed Whofic, since I haven't had time to write anything while the panto was running, but earlier this week I had the cast party for our show to go to, and then an actual Christmas cookie party at my house with some friends from the show (which were both so much fun!), so I was cooking and/or cleaning my house this week instead of writing. But there's always New Years, so holiday fic could still happen! I've got all those prompts to fill at [ profile] dw_allsorts after all. ;D
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Whew! My one (and hopefully only!) stint as a stage manager is done! Tech week was incredibly stressful, but by opening night everything was worked out, and the entire run went well. I won't miss the job, & will be really glad to stick to writing & acting in the future, but I'm so proud of the show, & I'll miss all the awesome people so much! We really were incredibly lucky to have such an amazing cast & crew that got along and had such fun on this production. I hope I'll have the chance to work with everyone again on other productions, & hopefully, since we had one of the performances filmed, we'll have one more get-together for a viewing party when the DVD is ready. :)

I'm SO glad I did it, but I'm also really tired, & the one consolation I have amidst all the sad feels of saying goodbye to everyone is that I can finally get some sleep at last!


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