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Okay, well, looks like trying not to neglect LJ has perhaps been less than successful! But everything's kind of crazy; I seem to have a reenactment to go to every weekend, and all the sewing projects I have piling up take their toll. But I'm getting a lot better at the whole 'educating the public about history' thing. The sewing is the easy part compared to that! I'm pretty shy, but I've been interested in the history of the women's rights movement forever, and being able to tell people about an important part of American history that almost always gets overlooked is something I'm really passionate about, and it's totally the best motivation to not be the shrinking violet in the corner, and let the world hear what you have to say! I was a total babbling mess at my first couple of events, but by the most recent one I went to, I think I actually developed a pretty coherent summing up of the mid-19th century women's movement! YAY! Hopefully practice will make perfect!

I'm also taking on yet another sewing project beyond reenacting. Foolish? Probably. Fun? Definitley! I'm making Jane's yellow bustle outfit from Disney's Tarzan! The minute I saw the movie the idea crept into my head, and the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to do it. I didn't have any idea where or when I'd ever get to wear it, but I went ahead and bought the fabric anyway, only to discover a month later that my local costumer's society was planning to do a group of historically accurate Disney Heroine costumes! So voila, a reason to make it! And cut to my first foray back to LJ since this happened, and every other costumer who blogs here is doing Disney heroines too! Too weird, but awesome! So I joined [ profile] dpcostume and the rest is...well, not history, because I've got the actual sewing still ahead of me! But it's incredibly exciting to be part of this national costumer trend of Disney Princess love, and I think it's going to be so fun to see all these different seamstresses interpret the same characters. :)
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Good heavens, I've been terribly neglectful of lj in recent weeks! I joined a civil war reenacting group this spring, and I didn't really realize how much time it would eat up! On the bright side, I now have an 1860's day dress made up, and I've been to a few events, but on the not so bright side, the dress keeps being finicky and needing little adjustments I don't have time to make, and it's way too hot to wear in summer, and I don't have a camera with which to record for posterity all these cool events. So my to-do list is pretty full, and it really gets in the way of anything else fun, like my current dive back into Disney animated movies. (I finally saw The Princess and the Frog and Tarzan, and now I wonder why the heck I didn't see this stuff in the theater when it was new! Although when I went back and re-watched total heinous crap like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules, I remember exactly why I was afraid to go see them!)

In light of my desperate need for a sheer summer dress in the near future, I don't have a lot of time for movies, or books that don't relate to the civil war, or time to ramble on about them, but I'll give it my best to not neglect lj totally in future. And hopefully I can still catch the new episode of Poirot that I missed last night; I can give up a lot of stuff, but new episodes of Masterpiece or Mystery! are just not on the chopping block!
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A Beauty & the Beast icon is such a small thing, but cheers me beyond measure. :)

For some reason I keep getting sick over and over since December, and I fear it has to do with all the grody, slimy children's picture books I've been checking out from library, because I've been getting into fairy tales again. The recent rekindling of my romance with Disney movies led me back to fairy tales in general, and in particular, my favorite fairy tale illustrators. The modern ones this time round, I've long been crazy for all the golden age illustrators, but I've been looking at stuff from the 1970's thru 90's this time. Lots of good stuff! An annotated list of favorites will probably be in my next post!

Also, I think I might have to get a blue-ray player at some point, because the DVD of Tangled doesn't include all of the extras the blue-ray has. Cursed corparate fat cats trying to make people buy more electronic devices they don't really need! But I really like Tangled! A lot more than I thought I would. Being in the middle of my Disney and fairy tale obsession, I had to see the new Disney fairy tale in the theater, and I was pretty impressed, it was really fun. (Although inadvertantly depressing, since every scene with Rapunzel and Mother Gothel is a practically verabatim recreation of me and my mother. Not good! But on the bright side I think my mom realized it too, and if that shames her into changing her ways, it'll have been worth it!) I think it was big step forward technically too, since it had the most naturalistic and least ugly computer animated people I've ever seen. I still think it would have been better in hand-drawn animation though. Rapunzel's over-sized eyes, most particularly, were a huge distraction, especially in close-ups, where that glassy, three-dimensional depth the CGI gives them is very creepy and unattractive. Flynn Rider was the most succesful character in that respect, since his eyes were smaller and more in scale with the rest of him. The generic 'fairy tale kingdom' setting was a little bland for me too, a real historical context would have given it a richer visual vocabulary to draw from, but the bright jewel tone palette of the film was very pretty and pleasant to look at, nonetheless. Overall I think it was very sweet and funny and a real return to form as far as Disney animated films go, and I'd really like to delve into those special features on that blue-ray to learn more about it. :)
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Been having a surprisingly amazing journey revisiting Disney animation lately. I heard about a documentary called Waking Sleeping Beauty about the Disney animation renaissance of the early 90's, which, having been basically the center of my life as a small child, I was pretty interested to hear about. Even after I got 'too old' for those movies and stopped being obsessed with them, I still watched them whenever they were on TV, because I loved the animation as art, and really missed having new ones to see. But watching this documentary really re-awakened my love of these movies.In which I reclaim my first love: Disney animated fairy tale musicals. )


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