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And here we have the grand finale of my Costume Con wardrobe: the pink 1870 ballgown!
1870 ballgown

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Just one pic of the flapper outfit I wore to the Friday Night Social:

I bought this dress at a rummage sale years ago at a cost of about 50 cents, and I just altered it to make it look 1920s. I adore it, and it reminds me of one Lady Mary wore on Downton Abbey, so I wore it with a black wig and a jeweled headband in an attempt to look like her. I don't think I was successful in that, but it was a cute outfit and I had fun wearing it, and people liked it, so that's what's important. :)

(Apologies for the crappy mirror selfie- the lights were turned down at the social so you couldn't really get pics. Please ignore the room full of fabric in the background!)
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Here is the 1898 green cotton summer suit I made, which I wore on Saturday:

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After a crazy busy weekend of last minute sewing, all my dresses got done, got worn, and won ribbons! I didn't compete any of them in the Masquerades, but getting hall costume awards for all three of the new outfits I made was a nice surprise and I'm so proud of it. I saw so many amazing costumes of all kinds over the weekend, learned new things, and the Masquerades were the best ones I've seen at any convention. And I met Theresa LaQuey! (I didn't realize it till the after the con ended, but she actually designed the very first doll dress pattern I ever made back when I started out sewing! *nostalgic sniffles*)

Anyway, on to the pics! Here is my early 1870s walking dress, aka Dream Dress #1, which I wore during the day on Sunday:

1870 day dress

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So I managed to get myself to Chicago to see 'Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity' at the Art Institute before it closed, and am majorly glad I did. So many of my favorite paintings in one place, along with actual period clothes, makes for pretty much the best thing ever. :-D

Morisots and Berauds and Bazilles, OH MY! Time to squee over paintings and dresses! And dolls! )

So, a crazy trip (I was running late, it rained, and I was all dressed up in my pretty dress and shoes, need I say more?) -BUT- an awesome, geek-tastic, art history and fabric-loving doll collector's dream trip. (And if I can just recover from it soon & get back to sewing my Doctor Who cosplay projects for Chicago Tardis, I'll be all set for another crazy awesome trip. Yay!)
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Okay, so despite being addicted to all the Downton Abbey videos and interviews available on the Masterpiece website, I have lately managed to almost finish sewing my victorian corset (it fits at last! Must put in grommets now!!), cobble together a pattern for my civil war sheer summer dress and buy buttons for it, and even to secretly begin a geeky project that I really don't have time for, but am way more excited about than the reenacting stuff! (It's doll-related. We'll see if it comes to fruition or not. And if so, how big a project it turns out to be!)

Also went to see a fashion exhibit at a museum, which is actually the first one I've ever been to, and had the time of my life peering at period gowns up close and personal! It was a small exhibit of about 50 high fashion gowns from 1869-1969, and it wasn't behind glass or anything, so you could get right up close and examine details from any angle. The Victorian bustle dresses were my favorites obviously, but my current obsession with Downton Abbey made me extra sensitive to the charms of the 1910's ensembles. The silks! The beading! Lord have mercy, it was all too beautiful!!

And while in town for the exhibit, I stopped at the local American Girl Outlet store. I promised myself only to look, but Kit's Birthday Dress was SO cute, I couldn't pass it up for only $16! While there I also met a mother and daughter who were interested in buying some of my AG stuff, so now I've been trying to dig it all up. The only problem is, once you start unpacking it and looking at it, you remember how cute it all is and don't want to let it go! But it all just sits in bins for years, it's time to pass it on to someone who will love it and play with it every day. Still... memories! *sniffle* I WILL be strong and sell stuff! I MUST de-clutter! Must!!


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