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So I've been on hiatus from LJ for the past two months, because I've been trying to finish a play I've been writing on and off for the past year, and I'm actually getting close to finishing! I'm not done yet, but the season 2 finale of Mr. Selfridge was this past weekend, and I have so many feels over it, I literally have to pour them out into a long blog post right now!

First off, season two was fantastic. I was a little put off toward the end of season one, what with all the 'OMG! Hook-ups! Break-ups! LIEK DRAMA!' going on, but I think season two did a great job of balancing the romantic plots more evenly with the store business, and political intrigue, and that whole 'panorama of an era' it had going on from the beginning. Also, it looked fantastic! I love the whole updated 1910s look, the bright jewel tone colors everywhere, particularly the Selfridge's house; that was always a beautiful set, but this season I'm like "I just want to live there right now!" And of course the clothes, too, were drop dead gorgeous. (And a lot of them were the exact same ones worn on Downton Abbey! I know they're probably all from Cosprop or Berman's or whatever, but it really is hilarious and feels like the Crawleys are donating their hand-me-downs to Mr. Selfridge's family and staff!)

It's just nice to catch up with these characters again, and get to know more sides of them and see how far they've come.

Aww, Agnes and Henri! And eww, Victor. Yes, you know which ship I sail... )

Miss Mardle gets her groove back, and Mr. Grove proves to be slightly less horrible. But not much. )

Lady Mae FTW! )

Even Kitty proves to be pretty cool, and could Gordon Selfridge be any cuter? )

Not forgetting George Towler, and some MAJOR S3 SPOILERS you probably DNW to know... )

Harry, Rose, and why I cried through pretty much the whole last hour. )

So, in summary: This show has been a great mix of lots of twisty-turny plots, that deepened the storylines for the whole spectrum of well fleshed out characters against a beautifully made backdrop of early 20th century history and fashion and social change. Also, sadness is definitely ahead, but I know I'll be watching, and crying for the characters that inhabit this luscious, exciting world that I love to be part of for eight weeks out of the year. Basically I AM FLAILING, HOW WILL I WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR FOR SEASON 3?! Forget Downton Abbey people, go watch Mr. Selfridge!
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Even though I should be working on something productive (like a dress made out of the beautiful silks I bought at Vogue Fabrics in Chicago! Squee!) I nevertheless feel more like rambling about fun stuff. So, for today, a post-season TV review: Mr. Selfridge!

I was totally surprised by how immediately and how strongly I was hooked by this show, espcially having gone in with no expectations whatsoever. However, precisely because I was so drawn in by the strong writing and multi-faceted characters, I'm really a little let down by the season finale last Sunday.

I just feel that the last couple episodes dropped the ball entirely, and it degenerated from interesting, fresh drama to melodramatic soap opera. The first episodes were great because they focused on the store, and the ins and outs of the retail business in the 1900s at every level of the store, with a little of each character's personal life thrown in to give perspective from each rung on the ladder. I loved how we'd get to know everyone a little bit more each episode, so that even though in the first episode you sort of had everybody pegged as this or that type, then next episode you'd find out that was only the facade they were presenting to the world, and the reality was much more complicated, and more sympathetic for it:

Thoughts on season 1 character development )

All that was really super great, but in the last couple episodes, it started to ignore the store and any other aspect of the characters lives in favor of (mostly bad) romances.

The Hook-Ups! The Break-Ups! Are we sure Selfridges is a department store, and not a dating service? )

This started out as one of the best shows I've seen in years, and I think it can still be saved, and I'm really rooting for it to get good again, unlike Downton Abbey which I've kind of given up hope on. Still, it's a year away. I'll just have to put it out of my head till then. (And go watch The Borgias and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries! [And anything else Gregory Fitoussi has been in, because seriously, I miss my Henri! Why must they take him away from us, WHY?! *sobs*])


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