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Been laying low and trying to rest up since my last play closed, because a) I was sick as a dog and b) I wanted to feel better for my road trip to see 'My Fair Lady' in Chicago! I saw it on Thursday and it was AMAZING!!!

my fair lady program

The Lyric Opera has been doing an annual musical for a few years, and they're always spectacular world class productions, but this one was my absolute favorite I've seen. For one thing, Richard E. Grant is playing Henry Higgins. I nearly fainted when I heard they'd cast him- he's been one of my favorite actors for years, and never in my wildest dreams did I, a penniless midwestern girl, think I would ever get the chance to see him live on stage! And he was perfect in this role, as was Lisa O'Hare as Eliza Doolittle.

A review with spoilers and squeeing )
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Some uninteresting blathering about my uninteresting life... )

I hoped some Classic Who would cheer me up, so I listened to Marco Polo at last. I'd seen the little condensed version on the Edge of Destruction DVD of course, but this is the first time I listened to the full audio. Cut for rambling mixture of squee and angst at missing serials )
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The last of the snow finally melted, & it distinctly felt like spring today! 75 degrees & no coats to be seen! I'm SO ready to wear dresses & sandals again! \o/

Also I'm super excited to be going to back to Chicago in a few weeks for Lyric Opera's production of Carousel. I love that they do a musical every year now- it's basically a Broadway production without having to go to New York! Laura Osnes & Steven Pasquale are starring, so wow! Also Catherine Zuber is doing the costumes & she's my fave costume designer on Broadway currently, so very excited to see what she'll come up with. Having seen their production of Oklahoma! two years ago, I know the Lyric orchestra is fantastic, and the whole production is going to be fabulous. (Also it's so glamorous there & I get to dress up, which is extra fun!) It's like musical theatre geek heaven! I'm so excited!

My Classic Who watch continues: I listened to 'The Celestial Toymaker', which was okay, but not very exciting. I think it was really intended to make it's impact through the visuals, and since most of it's missing, you lose a lot of the interest on audio. More thoughts behind the cut )

Also watched 'Paradise Towers', which was... weird. 80s Who is just so much weirder than other eras, for some reason. But it was alright, certainly, & there were a lot of female characters, which is always nice to see on TV, & I just really like Mel no matter what anyone else says! But I thought the end was a little odd. Thoughts on why here )

Also, just yesterday I was at the fabric store & saw the exact blue-polka fabric that Mel's outfit in 'Paradise Towers' was made of... and now part of me is actually contemplating cosplaying that heinous 80s monstrosity. I'm pretty sure I'd be the only Mel at the con... but I'm already planning Vicki, Ian, Romana I, possibly 2 Claras and possibly a Barbara, I don't need more!! Shut up, brain!! Is there a support group for compulsive companion cosplayers? Because I think I need to join it...
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Popping back from my self-imposed exile for a moment to babble about the Tonys! Can we just have Hugh Jackman host every year? Seriously, who doesn't love this man? (But what was up with all that hopping? Am I missing some reference, because all that made exactly zero sense to me.)

I have to admit I haven't heard any of the new cast albums from this season's shows yet, but A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder and The Bridges of Madison County are the only ones I'm remotely interested in. But at least this year's crop was more 'ho-hum' than truly depressing, like some recent years I can recall! Opinionated, sarcastic theatre geek comments behind the cut! )

Oy, I think maybe I was complaining throughout most of this post, but eh, I'm a musical theatre fan, so I have opinions! All musical theatre fans have opinions. That's part of the fun! We're critical because we care. We debate and disagree, but we always stick by it and love it, no matter what. So I'm looking forward to next year with trepidation bordering on terror, but always with the sliver of hope underneath. The next great show could be in a workshop or a regional theatre right now, just waiting for it's Broadway opening...*fingers crossed* ;D


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