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Costume Con is this week! The 1870 day dress is almost done but for a few finishing touches, and the 1870 ball dress should hopefully be done just in time! Building a new era of dress from the ground up, including all the underpinnings, took a lot of time, and consequently I have nothing else new to wear during the day on Sunday. I'm wondering now what I should wear, and thinking either the 1870 day dress again; my Lady Mary Crawley cosplay (because when else will I be able to cosplay a character from Downton Abbey? Even if no one gets it, it's still a fun flapper dress!) or my 1860s summer dress- which, while it is pretty, it's also the only 1860s dress I have that currently fits, so I wore it reenacting all last year and am rather tired of it. However, it already has accessories, and hoopskirts have more wow factor than most other styles. IDK.

pics of said 1860s dress, for the curious )

I really did want to do a dress diary type thing with work-in-progress pics but now it'll have to wait till my next historical dress project- I've got so much sewing to do yet that I even skipped the season finale of Grantchester, and if I give up Masterpiece or Mystery!, you know it's serious! But I still had to watch Mr. Selfridge because no one can give up everything :p

(Grantchester has finally grown on me after all, though it's generally a bit of a downer. But it's a British period mystery show, so there's wasn't much chance I'd able to keep away from it for long, lol. I usually want to scream at Sidney for being a self-destructive human train wreck, and I really don't care for his tortured romance with Amanda at all, but it's all very nice to look at, at least! I'm genuinely fond of Leonard especially, and I very much hope his tentative romance with his new boyfriend doesn't end sadly, because he's a beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves happiness and I will cry if anything bad happens to him.)

Onward to more sewing!
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Oh dear, I think I want to make Clara's Victorian governess dress from 'The Snowmen' now, and I don't have anything in my stash that will work. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more fabric, but somehow I don't think I'm going to stick to that for very long! (And I already have too many Doctor Who cosplays in the works, I don't need another, but I found a hat that's the same shape as hers, and I already have the bustle, and blue velveteen for the cape, and I should do at least one New Who cosplay, if I want anyone to actually recognize who I'm supposed to be...)

I've not gotten much sewing or writing done this past week, but I've been a bit ill, and the medication was making me so loopy, to the point where I was crying over puppies and worrying about everything. Never try to re-write a fic in those circumstances! O_o (I'm better now though, so damn the torpedoes & full speed ahead!)

Started watching Grantchester, but I'm still undecided if it's any good. I'll watch tomorrow's ep, but it's still on probation; it didn't really catch me. They were certainly selling the 'look at the sexy vicar!' angle quite hard, but I feel like that's not much of a hook, and I don't really feel like I know who he is beyond the usual 'handsome lead with a heart of gold', and a love of jazz thrown in for the sake of quirkiness. They didn't explain why his girlfriend isn't actually his girlfriend, either, which was a little confusing, so hopefully episode two will clear some of these things up. The mystery itself was pretty common, but serviceable, and I'd like to have another show to watch on Mystery! now that most of my faves are defunct. (Still not over Poirot. *sobs*)

Figure skating today was fantastic. I really love Nationals, there's nothing like seeing new up-and-coming skaters for the first time and just being like 'wow, where did they come from?!' Ice Dance continues to be amazing, even without Davis & White. Usually post-Olympic seasons feel like desolate wastelands once the favorites win the Olympics and retire, but not this year! Even though I miss Meryl & Charlie like crazy, everybody else was so, so good that it's still world class competition even without them. Chock & Bates were fantastic, I LOVE their 'American in Paris' freedance, which is really saying something, since the movie is one of my lifelong favorites, and in my mind I could never disassociate the music from Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron whenever anyone skates to it, until this season Madison & Evan just made it their own and I adore it. And I'm so excited to see where Hawarek & Baker will go! They are so graceful and beautiful, and they have so much maturity on the ice that it's hilarious to see them be silly kids off the ice. Just a gorgeous team, I think they should have had the bronze to be honest, but oh well! There's always next year!

Eek, I'd better go eat something before the Ladies' Free skate starts! I'm rooting for Ashley and Gracie and Polina and Mirai and EVERYONE! I love them all!!!
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OMG I forgot there was a new Poirot episode tonight, and so I turn on the TV a few minutes into it AND THERE'S HASTINGS AND MISS LEMON AND INSPECTOR JAPP. WHY YOU NO TELL ME THIS, PBS?! NOT NICE TO SPRING ON POOR UNSUSPECTING FANGIRL OUT OF THE BLUE! And they were at Poirot's funeral, no less, and even though we know this isn't an adaptation of Curtain, so he can't really be dead, still. Make me feel all the feels, why don't you?! I am never wanting to see besties thinking Poirot is dead again! MY BABIES! THE GANG REUNITED. THE GANG. Hastings and Miss Lemon only had a few minutes at the beginning and end, BUT STILL. MY BABIES. THE GANG. THEY STILL LOVE EACHOTHER. Hastings, you adorable, lovable, stupid idiot, never, EVER change. Omigod, a few minutes and I can't even deal with it. I've always wished we could have more new eps with the gang, but it might actually cause my heart to explode. They are the BEST. I've watched Poirot my whole life, and I love all of it, but the early eps with the gang will always be the Golden Age to me. Oh yeah, and there was a mystery somewhere in there too, but whatever. I got to see my babies today!!!! ♥

And Ariadne Oliver is in next week's episode! Yay, I love her too! I always like it best when Poirot has some friends along on a case. He's one of the few detectives who really can carry a story on his own, but it's just more fun with friends. (And now I will try to recover and speak in proper language again, instead of randomly breaking into lolcat speak like I've apparently been doing in this post... my love is so great that proper grammar can't even contain it.)

Edit: After some poking around online, I've just discovered that they ARE doing Curtain this year! It's already aired in the UK! It's over! This is the end! THE END OF POIROT FOREVER! OMG NOOOOOOO!!!! It's been there my whole life! How can the world just go on without it? I think we should have gotten a proper adventure with Hastings and Miss Lemon in the whole episode if it's really the end... how can this be happening? I should have figured it would have to end sometime, but- just- OH GOD WHY???? *curls up in a ball and cries*


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