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Life continues to be crazy. I've had to try to get as much stuff out of my apartment as possible, since they finally decided to remodel the bathroom after many years of asking, but most stuff got put in the basement, which is now flooded after torrential rain these past few days, so now I have to get it all out of there. *headdesk* It seems the universe is determined for me not to have any fun or get any creative endeavors finished AT ALL this summer. And the tropical humidity this week certainly hasn't helped to improve my morale. :/

I attempted to have some fun today by going to the vintage flea market I'd been excited about for months, but as soon as I got there it rained. A lot. And since it was outdoors, both the attendees and the merchandise got soaked. There were some straw purses and silk scarves I might have bought had they not been totally wet through, so that was disappointing, but when people suggested that having it indoors next year would be a good idea, the people putting it on got offended and seemed to think we were insinuating they didn't care about the condition of their merchandise, which seemed a bit of an extreme take-away from a friendly customer suggestion! (Although on second thought, they probably don't care very much if they brought all their most expensive unique pieces outside without enough tents to cover them all!) On the bright side, there were a few racks inside, and I got to try on a 1910s sheer overdress that fit me perfectly. It was pretty expensive and in poor condition, so I didn't buy, but I think I could re-create it pretty easily with fabrics and patterns I have in my stash, so yay! I always think vintage shopping isn't wasted, because even without buying something you can still get ideas for things to make. (But next time I hope I won't have to get so wet!!)

Haven't had time for Classic Who despite my best efforts. Maybe next month things will be settled down again finally, and I'll be able to write again and sew for TeslaCon at last. *fingers crossed*
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Life has been crazy lately- I've had family crisis come up that makes my schedule unpredictable, so I had to quit the Shakespeare play I was doing. I feel horribly guilty because it opens next week, but there's no way I can commit to the rigorous schedule of it right now. And I actually got to sing in one scene, and I really miss singing with other people, so I'm rather gutted to be missing out on that. But sometimes there's nothing you can do when everything happens at once. *sigh*

Obviously, I haven't had any time for sewing and I think my Peggy Carter cosplay will have to be shelved. Boo. But I can always wear one of my old Disney Princess outfits for that convention. What I really need to concentrate on making a wardrobe for is TeslaCon! I've been designing random steampunk things for years that I've never actually made, so this is the year to finally do it! I'm washing up some fabric and hoping to start sewing as soon as I have some free time.

My Doctor Who watch-a-thon has resumed with 'Revenge of the Cybermen'. Reactions here )
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Behold: a random blog update! Nothing terribly exciting to speak of- I've been sewing pretty much constantly and will continue to do so up until the first weekend in May for Costume Con. I have six new Victorian dresses in the works, which means several new period correct undergarments to go with them, so it's a big project, but it's been my dream to go to a costuming convention with a fabulous historical wardrobe to wear for as long as I can remember, so hell or high water will not stop me until they're all done!

Of course, this also means I have very little time for anything else, and already had to give up auditioning for three plays that open the same weekend as the convention. I signed up for [ profile] dw_guestfest too, and really want to do it, but I've found absolutely no time to write lately either. Still, I hope a miracle will happen between now & my chosen posting date and I'll find time to do it, so I'm not quite ready to give up on the possibility just yet.

Still trying to keep up my epic Classic Who watch-a-thon as well, albeit at a much slower pace. I'm currently watching the beginning of the Fourth Doctor's run, and enjoying the team of Four, Sarah Jane, and Harry immensely. (And now I've finally seen episodes with every single TARDIS team in Classic Who! I'm nearing the end of the voyage! Only two full seasons and a few stray serials left before I'm finished! IDK whether I'm happy or sad to be almost done with this wonderful crazy show.) The Ark in Space was so very good- the design of the space station looked really great, and the story was very suspenseful and totally nail-biting throughout. And Harry is just delightful- I think he wins the prize for best under-reaction for a first time TARDIS-traveller with his mildly concerned "oh, I say!" upon landing on a space station thousands of years in the future! Too bad he doesn't stay through all of next season. And it's still a bit strange to be seeing Sarah Jane so young, after having met her first in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', but it's also kind of interesting, because if you think about, that must be what it's like to actually live in the timey-wimey Doctor Who universe, where time-travel is real and you don't always meet people in the right order. Doctor Who is weird and I love it.

Anyway, away I go to get some sleep so I can sew more tomorrow.
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Once again, so much to tell since my last update! My panto closed last weekend- it was hard work, but worth it for all the laughter, and all the things I learned, and all the new friends I made. I miss it already! But my friends from the show convinced me to join Facebook after years of resisting, since apparently they have more privacy options now, so at least I'll still be able to hear from them all. (P.S. Facebook is apparently for people with way too much time on their hands- how can anyone sort through it all?! I'm not exactly a social butterfly and have no idea how people can have hundreds upon hundreds of 'friends', but I'm limiting 'friends' to people I've actually met, so that should hopefully keep it manageable. We'll see how it goes, or if I retreat in terror!)

But today is Christmas, so Merry Christmas to everyone! (Or Happy Holidays, since there are many other splendid mid-winter festivities in the world!) I'm celebrating with a turkey dinner and my usual round of old Christmas movies, so I'd say I've had myself a merry little Christmas, and I hope everyone else is having happy and peaceful celebrations too. :D

I wanted to write some holiday-themed Whofic, since I haven't had time to write anything while the panto was running, but earlier this week I had the cast party for our show to go to, and then an actual Christmas cookie party at my house with some friends from the show (which were both so much fun!), so I was cooking and/or cleaning my house this week instead of writing. But there's always New Years, so holiday fic could still happen! I've got all those prompts to fill at [ profile] dw_allsorts after all. ;D
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Wow, golly, so much stuff has happened since I last updated this journal!

#1: I went to Chicago TARDIS and it was awesome! I got two of my new cosplays done, and two more I put together from items in my wardrobe, so I actually had four new for the weekend, and they were all big hits and lots of fun to wear. Got pics and autographs with the UNIT team and Paul McGann (while in costume!) and generally saw a lot of cool stuff and met lots of lovely people (there were so many First Doctor companion cosplayers there! We had a meet-up and it was amazing!). Pics and further stories will be sorted through soon, since I'm kind of busy at the moment, due to the next thing on this list...

#2: The Cinderella panto I'm stage managing opened this weekend! It was really hard to try to learn how to call a show in literally three days, but I've mostly figured it out and am getting better at it with each performance as I get used to it.

#3: Finished the Third Doctor's era in my great Classic Who watch-a-thon. I have many feelings about it! I'll write up a proper review when I'm less tired! :P
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Random middle of the night updates are better than no updates I suppose, so-

I took the stage manager position after all. I really want to keep doing theater, and I decided it's best not to turn down opportunities when they're handed to you! This means I will be very busy for the next three months, and so I won't have time to make Clara's governess outfit for Chicago TARDIS this year. :(

BUT- I have three other cosplays planned, and one is almost done, one already started, and the other I have all the materials for- and except for painting the flowers and birds onto Ian's Marco Polo jacket, they're relatively simple, so I should still have all three days of the convention covered! Woohoo! I can do this!!! \o/

Also went to see an exhibit of costumes from Downton Abbey last week- it was amazing! They had them set up in a beautiful historic mansion that was modelled on an English country house, so you really got the full 'stepping into history' ambiance. The costumes are half the reason I watch, tbh, and they're all so exquisite in person. The construction details are interesting to see, & getting to look up close from several angles was a real treat! A lot of the beaded & embroidered pieces were actually from the period, and you just don't see handwork like that anymore! Also it was very surprising to see how tiny all the actresses costumes are. You expect them to be very tall because they have so much screen presence, but they're just average people, albeit very thin ones! There's hope for us short girls yet, lol.

My Classic Who watch-a-thon has already slowed to a crawl before my rehearsals even start, but I finally managed to watch 'The Three Doctors' last night. I felt very strongly that the Second Doctor was written completely out of character, so that was very disappointing, since I'd hoped for one more story with my lovely, sweet, funny Two, and got a rather obnoxious childish substitute instead. Even the Brigadier felt a bit off- his dryly amused air replaced with outright disdain for the Doctor in some instances, so I think the writers were simply not having a good day. The story was alright, & Benton & Jo were adorable as usual, so that was good at least. And of course, the small bits with William Hartnell as the First Doctor really got to me. However small, they're his last appearance as the Doctor, and he's the original and best, in my book. ♥ On to 'Carnival of Monsters' next!
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Whew! My one (and hopefully only!) stint as a stage manager is done! Tech week was incredibly stressful, but by opening night everything was worked out, and the entire run went well. I won't miss the job, & will be really glad to stick to writing & acting in the future, but I'm so proud of the show, & I'll miss all the awesome people so much! We really were incredibly lucky to have such an amazing cast & crew that got along and had such fun on this production. I hope I'll have the chance to work with everyone again on other productions, & hopefully, since we had one of the performances filmed, we'll have one more get-together for a viewing party when the DVD is ready. :)

I'm SO glad I did it, but I'm also really tired, & the one consolation I have amidst all the sad feels of saying goodbye to everyone is that I can finally get some sleep at last!
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Am still tired out from Civil War weekend reenacting. The weather was glorious & the park it was at was lovely, but now skies are grey & raining and all I want to do is sleep! Luckily there isn't an event again this weekend, especially since I have to be at a rehearsal all day Saturday. I got asked back as stage manager for the actual run of the production, & we're doing blocking rehearsals now & it's all very interesting to watch it take shape & I'm very excited at the prospect of being backstage at an actual theater again!

In fangirl nonsense news, I finished re-watching my favorite childhood TV show, ReBoot, recently. I'd almost forgotten how great it was, but I never really stopped loving it. Even after all these years it still blows me away with how fantastic it is- the writing is top notch, the characters are still my heroes, and the visual side of it is just gorgeous. I don't buy the accusation that the CG animation is 'primitive' by today's standards- it's still beautifully designed, & it still impresses me with how sophisticated it looks, and this was from the 1990s! Season 3, especially, is mindblowingly beautiful. And the human characters actually look more like humans than any other CG animated characters I've ever seen- no caricatured 'cartoony' stuff at all. (Except when they went & re-designed them all in season 4, and then they didn't even look like themselves- but the writing was AWFUL & none of the characters acted like themselves either, so I'm totally not counting season 4 as part of ReBoot & just pretending it didn't exist!)

Now I'm having all kinds of feels over this show though, & not being able to let go of it, but there's like no fandom for it these days to satiate my obsession. I would read all the fic, but there really isn't any! There's a couple things on A03 (yes, I looked!) but the majority of it is by one author with a very creepy pairing that I would sooner die than read about, so that's that I guess! I did make a mix tape (yes, on an actual cassette tape) for season 3 back when I was 12- maybe I'll re-create it & expand on it as a fanmix on 8tracks, just to see if anyone actually listens to it. I'd forgotten what it's like to be in a small fandom; I guess I'll have to scuttle back to Doctor Who pretty soon so I can have other people to squee with! (But actually, season one of ReBoot reminds me a lot of season one of Classic Who- Dot & Bob are totally Barbara & Ian, and Enzo is their Susan & Phong is the Doctor- no wonder I took to Classic Who so quickly! Apparently I've been unconsciously seeking out the same characters my whole life, lol.)

Up next: watching more Classic Who!


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