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I'm finding that my decision to not do any theatre this summer in order to concentrate on sewing has left me rather bored and bereft of a social life, but at least I've started to make progress on my historical sewing projects, which is some small consolation. I've finally got my late 1880s bustle done, so I can at least start on skirts now, but for the life of me, I CANNOT find a late 1880s bodice pattern that fits AT ALL. The late 1880s is one of my favorite costume eras, and this year's theme at TeslaCon *is* late 1880s, but I've tried so many patterns that just don't remotely work (and I'm terrible at making patterns from scratch) that I'm just about to give up in despair. *sigh* (On the bright side, I finally made an 1860s/early 70s bodice pattern that fits, so I'm super excited to make some new stuff when I get back to Civil War reeanacting next year!)

In fandom news, I'm terribly, terribly sad that Deborah Watling, who played one of my very favorite Doctor Who companions, has passed away. It was apparently a very recent illness- I just saw her at a Doctor Who convention 8 months ago, and she certainly didn't seem ill then. I first met her at the same convention two years before that, when I'd made cosplays of two of her costumes, and I actually cried the first time I talked to her and told her how much her portrayal of Victoria meant to me! But she was very sweet and hugged me, and asked how long it had taken to make them, and said they looked just like the original outfits she wore. And when I fretted that I had to just guess what color to make the dress from 'Evil of the Daleks' because there were no color photos of it, she said that it didn't matter, because I'd made it with love, so even if it wasn't the exact same color, it was still perfect. I'll never forget that as long as I live. You cosplay a character because you love them, and to be able to let the person who created the character know that means so much.

I think Victoria is a hugely underrated character, and Deborah made her so real and lovable. Her scene with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in 'Tomb of the Cybermen' where he comforts her about her father's death is honestly one of the most beautiful scenes in Doctor Who. It feels like far too soon to be saying goodbye to someone at 69, in this day and age when people live so long, but I'll always treasure the work she did, and the brief time I got to spend with her. RIP Debbie. ♥
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Random updating returns! For a start, it's my birthday today, and I feel rather ill, but I'm determined to go out and get an ice cream sundae later and try to have some fun and not feel too depressed that I'm another year older. It feels a little anti-climactic to have my actual birthday a few days after my birthday party, but I've got a rehearsal tonight, and a couple of my friends are in the show, so at least I'll get to see them and that's nice. And anyway, last week I went to hear Chad & Jeremy (1960s British folk duo) live in concert as my early birthday present to myself, which was amazing and so much fun, so I really can't complain. (They're just as good now as they were in 1964. They're very funny in person, and they've even branched out into blues-ier songs as well, which they're equally adept at. But hearing their classics like 'A Summer Song', 'Willow Weep for Me' and 'Distant Shores' live was just magical. And I got to chat with them when they signed my poster! Not many 60s bands a girl my age can say that about!)

So as mentioned above, rehearsals for this year's holiday panto have started. We're doing the Wizard of Oz, and it's good silly fun. I don't think I quite have my stage manager organizational brain capabilities 100% back yet, but hopefully it'll come to me soon!

Amidst lists and script changes and rehearsals I don't have much time for other projects, but I'm chugging along with my sewing- my brown Steampunk jacket for TeslaCon is ready to be sewn together, or at least seems to be- it's a Simplicity pattern, so I don't trust it one bit, but the muslin mock-up didn't have any problems, so I'm keeping fingers crossed it'll behave as well in the cotton twill fashion fabric.

Been randomly watching Classic Who. I got very bored once Harry left, though! I don't know what it is that makes my brain turn off the minute it's only the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the TARDIS, and I feel like a bad fan for it, but idk. I just couldn't keep awake during 'Planet of Evil' or 'Pyramids of Mars' even though everyone says they're some of the best. Maybe it's the definite shift from the 'team tardis' dynamic to the 'doctor and sidekick' dynamic that I find off-putting. But I'll continue to watch because it's Doctor Who and I'm so close to finishing the classic series! (And also I've been procrastinating by listening to Big Finish in between TV serials- oops! I should really give all the Big finish stories proper reviews someday when I'm less busy.)

Anyway, that's all for now and I should get some sleep. LOL that would be the best birthday present of all!
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I've been trying to get back to sewing again after the craziness of Costume-Con, so I decided to start by making some doll dresses. I have a huge stash of doll clothes patterns and little fabric remnants to use up, and I'm quite pleased with this Vogue 1950s Barbie sundress I just finished:
1950s doll dress

(I'll have to find a doll without blue legs to model it sometime later lol)

Also I've been a little remiss in my Doctor Who watching- I'm taking a break to go back and watch season 1 of Agent Carter. I'm horribly put out that it just got cancelled, as it's a great show, and I think I have a need to cosplay Peggy Carter now! I have a vintage 1940s felt hat that I think could work if I can find a red, white and blue ribbon for it, and I'm sure I've got a 1940s suit pattern I can use. (And if the hat doesn't work, there's a vintage clothing fair in town next month! Of course it's on the same day that the play I'm on the crew for has two shows, but I'll just have to get up early so I can go vintage shopping before the play starts!)
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Here is the 1898 green cotton summer suit I made, which I wore on Saturday:

more behind cut )
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Costume Con is this week! The 1870 day dress is almost done but for a few finishing touches, and the 1870 ball dress should hopefully be done just in time! Building a new era of dress from the ground up, including all the underpinnings, took a lot of time, and consequently I have nothing else new to wear during the day on Sunday. I'm wondering now what I should wear, and thinking either the 1870 day dress again; my Lady Mary Crawley cosplay (because when else will I be able to cosplay a character from Downton Abbey? Even if no one gets it, it's still a fun flapper dress!) or my 1860s summer dress- which, while it is pretty, it's also the only 1860s dress I have that currently fits, so I wore it reenacting all last year and am rather tired of it. However, it already has accessories, and hoopskirts have more wow factor than most other styles. IDK.

pics of said 1860s dress, for the curious )

I really did want to do a dress diary type thing with work-in-progress pics but now it'll have to wait till my next historical dress project- I've got so much sewing to do yet that I even skipped the season finale of Grantchester, and if I give up Masterpiece or Mystery!, you know it's serious! But I still had to watch Mr. Selfridge because no one can give up everything :p

(Grantchester has finally grown on me after all, though it's generally a bit of a downer. But it's a British period mystery show, so there's wasn't much chance I'd able to keep away from it for long, lol. I usually want to scream at Sidney for being a self-destructive human train wreck, and I really don't care for his tortured romance with Amanda at all, but it's all very nice to look at, at least! I'm genuinely fond of Leonard especially, and I very much hope his tentative romance with his new boyfriend doesn't end sadly, because he's a beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves happiness and I will cry if anything bad happens to him.)

Onward to more sewing!
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Costume Con is two weeks away and I really need to get my dresses done! The only outfit I actually have completed is my 1898 summer suit. I have about half the work still to go on the bustle dresses, and I think only two of them will get done. I've decided to do all the same era so that I would have less new undergarments to make- the 1870 crinolette bustle has a lovely silhouette, and is my personal favorite, so I went with that, but I hadn't anticipated how impossible it is to sit down in one of those things! I'm quite worried about what a nightmare it'll be to wear at the convention, but I've committed to it, so no going back now! I feel slightly guilty about using slubbed silk though, since it's not period, but I'm far too broke to afford silk taffeta at the moment, and the day dress I'm making is inspired by a vintage hat I own and plan to wear with it, and I already had some dupioni silk in my stash that was the exact matching colors, so free and matching trumps expensive and historically accurate in this case. It's all for fun anyway, and I hope I won't encounter any of the sort of costumers who'd look down on someone for something like that.

(Some references to what I'm talking about for anyone not steeped in 19th century fashion: the day dress I'm making is based on this dress from the Mint Museum:)

Fandom-wise, I've at least had the opportunity to listen to lots of Big Finish Doctor Who stories while I cut out fabric- more than I can properly review here right now, but I just heard 'The Companion Chronicles: The Last Post' today and absolutely adored it. I liked Liz's mum and think they're great together, and it was a clever story, how it was woven through all of the serials of season 7. I guess it was Caroline John's last time playing Liz, too, which I didn't realize till I looked inside the CD booklet after it was over, and it's a good thing I didn't know while I was listening, because I would have been very sad! I love Liz so much, and we're so lucky we get to have a few more stories with her because of Big Finish. Bless Big Finish, for they are doing the Lord's work. ♥ (Well, Time Lord's work, at any rate! LOL)
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Behold: a random blog update! Nothing terribly exciting to speak of- I've been sewing pretty much constantly and will continue to do so up until the first weekend in May for Costume Con. I have six new Victorian dresses in the works, which means several new period correct undergarments to go with them, so it's a big project, but it's been my dream to go to a costuming convention with a fabulous historical wardrobe to wear for as long as I can remember, so hell or high water will not stop me until they're all done!

Of course, this also means I have very little time for anything else, and already had to give up auditioning for three plays that open the same weekend as the convention. I signed up for [ profile] dw_guestfest too, and really want to do it, but I've found absolutely no time to write lately either. Still, I hope a miracle will happen between now & my chosen posting date and I'll find time to do it, so I'm not quite ready to give up on the possibility just yet.

Still trying to keep up my epic Classic Who watch-a-thon as well, albeit at a much slower pace. I'm currently watching the beginning of the Fourth Doctor's run, and enjoying the team of Four, Sarah Jane, and Harry immensely. (And now I've finally seen episodes with every single TARDIS team in Classic Who! I'm nearing the end of the voyage! Only two full seasons and a few stray serials left before I'm finished! IDK whether I'm happy or sad to be almost done with this wonderful crazy show.) The Ark in Space was so very good- the design of the space station looked really great, and the story was very suspenseful and totally nail-biting throughout. And Harry is just delightful- I think he wins the prize for best under-reaction for a first time TARDIS-traveller with his mildly concerned "oh, I say!" upon landing on a space station thousands of years in the future! Too bad he doesn't stay through all of next season. And it's still a bit strange to be seeing Sarah Jane so young, after having met her first in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', but it's also kind of interesting, because if you think about, that must be what it's like to actually live in the timey-wimey Doctor Who universe, where time-travel is real and you don't always meet people in the right order. Doctor Who is weird and I love it.

Anyway, away I go to get some sleep so I can sew more tomorrow.
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Oh dear, I think I want to make Clara's Victorian governess dress from 'The Snowmen' now, and I don't have anything in my stash that will work. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more fabric, but somehow I don't think I'm going to stick to that for very long! (And I already have too many Doctor Who cosplays in the works, I don't need another, but I found a hat that's the same shape as hers, and I already have the bustle, and blue velveteen for the cape, and I should do at least one New Who cosplay, if I want anyone to actually recognize who I'm supposed to be...)

I've not gotten much sewing or writing done this past week, but I've been a bit ill, and the medication was making me so loopy, to the point where I was crying over puppies and worrying about everything. Never try to re-write a fic in those circumstances! O_o (I'm better now though, so damn the torpedoes & full speed ahead!)

Started watching Grantchester, but I'm still undecided if it's any good. I'll watch tomorrow's ep, but it's still on probation; it didn't really catch me. They were certainly selling the 'look at the sexy vicar!' angle quite hard, but I feel like that's not much of a hook, and I don't really feel like I know who he is beyond the usual 'handsome lead with a heart of gold', and a love of jazz thrown in for the sake of quirkiness. They didn't explain why his girlfriend isn't actually his girlfriend, either, which was a little confusing, so hopefully episode two will clear some of these things up. The mystery itself was pretty common, but serviceable, and I'd like to have another show to watch on Mystery! now that most of my faves are defunct. (Still not over Poirot. *sobs*)

Figure skating today was fantastic. I really love Nationals, there's nothing like seeing new up-and-coming skaters for the first time and just being like 'wow, where did they come from?!' Ice Dance continues to be amazing, even without Davis & White. Usually post-Olympic seasons feel like desolate wastelands once the favorites win the Olympics and retire, but not this year! Even though I miss Meryl & Charlie like crazy, everybody else was so, so good that it's still world class competition even without them. Chock & Bates were fantastic, I LOVE their 'American in Paris' freedance, which is really saying something, since the movie is one of my lifelong favorites, and in my mind I could never disassociate the music from Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron whenever anyone skates to it, until this season Madison & Evan just made it their own and I adore it. And I'm so excited to see where Hawarek & Baker will go! They are so graceful and beautiful, and they have so much maturity on the ice that it's hilarious to see them be silly kids off the ice. Just a gorgeous team, I think they should have had the bronze to be honest, but oh well! There's always next year!

Eek, I'd better go eat something before the Ladies' Free skate starts! I'm rooting for Ashley and Gracie and Polina and Mirai and EVERYONE! I love them all!!!
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I think I'm going to have to have a mid-winter houseclean, because I need a more organized workspace for sewing. I've already got most of my cosplays planned out for next year's Doctor Who convention, and I'd like to get them done early so that I don't end up finishing last minute sewing in my hotel room all night during the con again!

Also I'm going to Costume Con next year, so that means all the historical dresses I ever wanted to make will have an indoor event to be showcased at, and thus, I need to get started on that too! I've been hoarding silks for Victorian bustle dresses for too long, they shall get done this year at last!

I should also get back into my Classic Who watching, since I still have 5 prompts to fill at [ profile] dw_allsorts and I would ideally like to finish them before I start the second draft of my play, and I need something to inspire me. But now that Downton Abbey is back, and I'm in the midst of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, my TV viewing attention has been a little diverted. I'm listening to some of the missing Hartnell eps though, just watched the recon of 'Galaxy 4' which was a little slow, but still worthwhile.

Been trying to watch Pertwee's era in order too, and am currently in the middle of 'Colony in Space'. It's rather amusing to pick out actors who have been in other Doctor Who stories and play the 'where do I know them from?' game. Correctly picked out John Ringham and Bernard Kay this time! Third Who story for both of them, and now I think I'm getting to be one of those fans who knows every actor in every episode. Eek!

And I think I'm getting into Steampunk. There's a convention not too far out of town in March, and I started planning a dress for it the other day. I've already got all the Victorian stuff, so why not? We'll see what happens!
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1) Victoria Waterfield - The Evil of the Daleks

2) Victoria Waterfield - The Abominable Snowmen

3) Zoe Heriot - The Invasion

4) Barbara Wright - The Web Planet

5) Barbara Wright - Marco Polo

...and only Barbara's Web Planet outfit is off-the-rack! I've got to make the rest in a little under four weeks. Eeeeek! And I haven't even started cutting out the fabric yet! But it's all washed and ready to go, so I'd better get sewing. (Especially since Deborah Watling and Wendy Padbury are actually going to be there! SQUEEE!!! I really want to get Victoria and Zoe's outfits done for them to see, I'd love to hear their reactions. That'll probably be surreal, to meet the person you're dressed up as, but also really awesome I think. We do it out of love for the characters, so hopefully the actors will be happy to know people still love their characters enough to dress up as them after all this time.)
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Since life is dull, and full of tedious things I don't want to do at the moment, time to distract myself with fannish rambling!

Television hasn't provided much distraction as of late, since The Paradise continues to be a clich├ęd soap opera. The costumes have gotten somewhat better since last season, but I still find the romance between Denise and Moray rather gross and creepy. Aside from the fact that he's too old for her, the whole employer/employee thing is icky. I cringe every time he calls her 'my little champion'. Eeeew. I can't think of a creepier nickname to have for your employee OR for your girlfriend, and she's BOTH. Like what even??? But I heard it got cancelled already, so we won't have to sit through any more after this season. Hopefully a better period drama will take it's place on the Masterpiece schedule. (Of course, they already had better in Lark Rise to Candleford and Garrow's Law but I guess those shows were too intelligent. Sigh.)

Apparently, PBS isn't showing any more of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries even though it's already had another season in Australia. Boo. I'm just going to have to track down the DVDs then, because Miss Fisher is awesome, and I love that show so much!

Doctor Who was actually pretty good this week, and I would say 'Flatline' is one of the best this season, but on the whole it's been a wash out for me. Some criticism of the direction the show has taken this season )

Sewing is coming along rather slowly. I'd hoped to have at least half of my planned cosplays for TARDIS done already, but alas, only my off-the-rack outfits are finished. Lots of re-working to do before I get the patterns right for the outfits I'm making. But I'm trying to stay focused; Victoria's outfit from 'The Abominable Snowmen' only needs the knickerbockers and it'll be done! So close!

Haven't had a lot of time for my Classic Who watch lately. But I'm still saving 'Keys of Marinus'; I'm going to watch it for my birthday next week. It'll be the best gift after a horrible couple of months. My fave team TARDIS!
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Wow, my longest stretch of LJ neglect ever! But life's been pretty dull until recently; I didn't have anything much to squee about until now: I'm going to Chicago Tardis this year!!!! EEEEEEE!!!

My very first Doctor Who Convention! (My first fandom convention ever, for that matter.) I'm super excited to geek out with my fellow fans, and to get some piece of Doctor Who merchandise signed by Paul McGann and Peter Davison! (OMG I had such a crush on Paul McGann in Horatio Hornblower back in the day! Wait, I kinda still do...) And I'm especially excited about the cosplay! Seeing everyone else's costumes is always fun, but I really want to make something myself. I've dreamed of doing a clockwork droid from 'The Girl in the Fireplace' since that episode aired, so this is finally the time to do it! I just bought the wig, and a mask that I think will work okay once I repaint it, so onto the dress tomorrow. (Well, the underthings tomorrow, actually. It takes a lot of structural support to make an 18th century court dress look the way it should!)

Also, if the clockwork droid costume gets finished in enough time, I really want to do Clara's red barmaid dress from 'The Snowmen'. That was another one that when I saw it, I went, 'gotta have it!' It'll be a budget version for sure; I can't find, let alone afford, an embroidered silk like the original was, but when you watch the episode, it just reads as a solid red dress, so I think some nice cotton broadcloth will do quite well for a substitute. :)

And, even though finishing both those projects is highly improbable in less than three months, I have a sneaking desire to do some form of steampunk girly version of the 8th Doctor's costume. Seeing as McGann will actually be there, I'm assuming my fellow 8 fans will be out in full force, and therefore someone would be more likely to get the reference. But I'd really need to get fabrics that would be a good match, and that would probably be expensive, and I probably won't have time. Ugh. We'll see!

But I'm just so spectacularly excited I could die, and I very much hope we won't be hit by a blizzard that weekend and be snowed in and not be able to go! (Don't even say it!! LOL)
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Gah, haven't had time to update LJ in FOREVER. I've been writing a play, and am still writing it, and should be writing it now instead of doing this, but sometimes you gotta take a break! I've also been working on several dresses for a convention this August, which has sorta become my epic cosplay fantasy weekend: I'm making Jane's yellow bustle dress from Disney's Tarzan, Christine's Hannibal costume & dressing gown from The Phantom of the Opera, AND Christine's wedding dress from The Phantom of the Opera! The other two I've had planned for a while, but the wedding dress got added at the last minute because everything kinda came together: I acquired a roll of white silk taffeta, I'm going to be making an 1880's bustle for the Jane dress anyway, & it's an indoor venue, so I can wear a silk dress with a train and not worry too much about it getting destroyed. Add to that the fact that the wedding dress in the Broadway production of Phantom is possibly the most beautiful, perfect Victorian bustle dress this girl has ever seen, and I want one so much I could die, and there was simply no way I couldn't do it. So I've got four months, approximately, to make it all happen. While also writing a play. Heck yeah! Let's do this!!!

All this work to do, and still, I find time to watch TV. (Probably why I haven't gotten much done yet!)

Downton Abbey is getting nuts, they'll have to stop randomly killing off everyone's favortie characters if they expect us to keep caring about the show, but hey, as long as there's pretty clothes, I'll probably still watch.

Mr. Selfridge has proven to be surprisingly good thus far. We're only one episode in, but I actually CAN accept Jeremy Piven in a period piece. Wonder of wonders. I'm pretty interested to see where it all goes, even if we already know the store will be a success!

The Borgias was actually, dare I say it, not awful in season 2! (I only just got cable again, so I just got caught up.) There was actual like, PLOT and DIALOGUE, man! WOW! I actually watched most of it, rather than just pushing the fast-forward button on the OnDemand until there was a scene with pretty clothes, which is how I got thru season 1. Though I fear the show is making me a worse person, because seriously, I'm rooting FOR the Borgias! I mean, I actually care about them! Granted, there was a helluva lot fewer murders, rapes, tortures & whatnot this year than last, but still, the very first show began with the drowning of an altar boy! Not good! Of course, that's pretty tame compared to most network shows these days, and this IS a totally first-rate piece as far as production values are concerned. Unbelieveable quality in costuming and sets. I'm definitely excited for season 3 starting next week, but have a feeling it'll probably be a return to more gross stuff again. Thank goodness for OnDemand viewing and that lovely fast forward button!

Doctor Who continues to be adorable and fun, and I hope it stays that way for at least this season. TV needs more nerdy heroes and zany adventure, if you ask me.

Miss Fisher Mysteries was a total chance discovery on the PBS cable station late last night, and I'm happy to have found it. Sophistocated heiress becomes private investigator in 1920's Australia sounds as good a premise as I can think of, and Phryne Fisher is a wild, independant, badass sort of character, which makes it even more fun! I'm totally excited to see where her next case will take her.

So that's my bit of chatter for today; now I shall go forth and sew! And write! And listen to cast albums! You can listen to A LOT of cast albums while you're cutting out fabric... that'll have to be a whole other post some other day...;D
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Well, long time no post, but still not much sewing progress! I had to get a table at the local doll show to sell off some of my collection (I just don't have room for it all!) and between getting it all out, setting it up, selling it, and taking what didn't sell back home again, I had no time for anything else, and now I'm exhausted! *whew!*

But nonetheless, my busy little brain wouldn't leave sewing alone, and I've decided I just don't have enough to do already, I need ANOTHER project! (Yes, that was sarcasm, but seriously, I'm doing it!) So:

I'm going to make Christine's dressing gown from The Phantom of the Opera!

I've been obsessed for so long, someday a Phantom-related costume project was inevitable! I'm using Sarah Brightman's original West End costume as my inspiration, and I'm going to make the bodice from the Hannibal outfit to go underneath it. I'm just going to put some Victorian bloomers underneath that though, since I'm aiming to have it done for a Con in September, and considering how much other sewing I have to do, I'm not going to have time to make the little rope skirt. (Maybe in the future though!) I luckily have some fabric that will be perfect for the dressing gown; years ago I bought this white paisley cotton voile that is such amazingly fine quality, but the paisley pattern is so pronounced and weird that it really can't be used for regular period costuming. Weird paisleys work perfect for POTO though! The original costume was a weird swirley pattened sheer (paisley?) judging from the photos, and even though it was probably polyester (or silk? It was a pretty big budget production) I think my patterned sheer cotton will produce the same effect. Now gotta dig out my red & green velveteen & gold trim for the bodice! Eeps!! I'm so excited to make this!!!

I fear my secret geeky doll clothes project will have to be shelved for a while now! (But I'm gonna do it someday, by golly!)
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I think there might be a flying pig up in the sky somewhere, because I've actually been doing some sewing! *teehee* The reenacting season is coming up again, and I really need a new corset; ever since I started getting acid reflux 2 years ago (I'm 25, I eat whole grains and vegetables and never touch burgers and fries, so go figure!!) I've lost a lot of weight and my old one doesn't fit AT ALL now. Normally having a waist 6 inches smaller than this time last year would be a good thing, but it means none of my Civil War stuff from last year fits anymore. Arg!! So I'm really going to have to get to work so I'll have a dress to wear by the time our first event rolls around!

On the other hand, a very tiny waist is a great thing as far as trying to look like and animated Disney heroine for my Jane outfit! I've sorta started on it; I traced the pattern for the undies, and hopefully I'll be able to get away with using my civil war corset with it, because if I have to make another corset for this I'll never finish by September! And it's for a Con, so there's a whole group of other Disney heroines, and we might want to enter the Masquerade together, so it's gotta be fully finished and awesome, or why bother to go? Scary biscuits, but still exciting, and I hope I can just stay positive and make it work! (As Tim Gunn would say! There are days when I really wish I had him around as my dressmaking mentor!)

So between all that I've been pretty busy, but never too busy to be distracted by Downton Abbey! I must say I'm properly hooked on it this year, I'm glad there's more than four episodes this time round! The first couple of episodes were really good, it seemed to be getting more serious and less soap opera, but then the disfigured soldier claiming to be Patrick, and now Vera Bates dead, it's veering into sensational again, but I kind of don't care. Now that I've known the characters longer it's harder to look at it with a critical eye, and now I'm just in "I want everybody to be okay!" fangirl mode! I totally do ship Mary and Matthew this season too. The more we get to know Mary, the more I like her, because you see that she does have a heart, but she has trouble even admitting to herself, let alone other people. Of course she shouldn't marry Sir Richard Carlisle, but now he's put that ultimatum to her, she should have thrown him over right then, because now I fear the next couple episodes (to say nothing of the whole next season) would be nothing but watching her suffer in a bad relationship with this guy, and she's too complex a character to thrown away on a Gwendolen Harleth plot like that. (Watching Daniel Deronda once or twice was enough for a whole lifetime!) But we'll see how it all plays out! And the flu epidemic! Now who'll die in that?! Eeeps! I'm too excited!!!
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And I got one! The BFMC Nicolai doll was the only Silkstone I've coveted recently, and he was my x-mas present to myself after finding him on sale at a discount store. (Along with the Pillow Talk giftset also found on sale at the same store! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw them on the shelf for $30 each, the very last ones, too! Christmas is indeed a season of miracles!)

In the long ages since my last update I've done little besides bake Christmas cookies (and eat them!) and clean out stuff to donate to a church mission going to Africa, which at least makes me feel as if I was doing something worthwhile despite not having finished that darn civil war ball dress (and thus having to miss the New Year's Ball too, drat!). But I went to see Beauty & the Beast when the touring company came thru town, and even though it was lackluster as a show, seeing the ball dress up close and in person made me seriously want to make a Belle-inspired dress for my ball dress. I've been wanting to since I was 5 years old anyway, so now I can actually sew, why the heck not? The other reenactors hopefully won't notice I'm wearing a dress from a Disney movie! ;D

I'm also terribly excited because I bought myself a bonnet from Timely Tresses, and as soon as I dig out the ribbons and flowers I've got hiding in my stash somewhere, I can start trimming it. However, I did plan to make myself a new summer dress for this year's reeenacting season, so I don't know if I should wait and trim it to match the new dress. (I'm kind of afraid I have too many projects on my plate and the bonnet might wait till next year to make it's debut!)

Meanwhile, I'm being led astray by all the great period dramas on TV. I wish they'd make a show set in the 1860's, because between Garrow's Law and Downton Abbey, 19th century clothing isn't on my mind! I marathoned Garrow's Law on DVD last weekend so I could finally see the episodes all the way thru, and I really truly am kind of in love with it now. I've always been a proponent of color in the design of any show or movie, but even though Lady Sarah's wardrobe is disappointingly colorless in keeping with the overall design of the show, I nonetheless have a thing for her grey striped anglaise dress. Thank heaven I don't have any fabric remotely appropriate for it, because I would probably be wasting time planning one just like it!

On New Years I marathoned Downton Abbey in preparation for the new season this weekend, and I'm properly excited about that too. Luckily for my new project roster though, 1910's evening gowns intimidate the heck out of me, sewing wise. They look so simple, but if things aren't cut and draped perfectly, it doesn't end up looking 1910s. Someday I might attempt one, but that's pretty far off.

And I'll try not to go on about how much I miss Lark Rise to Candleford already. (Best show on TV ever!!! *sniffle*)
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The reenacting season is officially over - whew! I'm actually pretty relieved, it was mostly fun but really exhausting. And now I've only got the winter in which to make up all the clothing I've discovered is neccessary for next season - a sheer dress for when it's hot and a cloak or coat for when it's cold are a must. And I'd like a bonnet and a ballgown if possible, but first things first! And I've got my Jane dress too! Lots to do and little time to do it in!

Hopefully now I can catch up on all the TV I've missed too, specifically Doctor Who. I never missed an episode before I started reenacting, but now I'm usually out of town on Saturdays! I missed the season finale and I hope they re-run it soon! But I'm actually not too excited, since this season was oddly rather lackluster. (But I can't stand River Song, and she was in almost every episode.) I'm much more excited about Lark Rise to Candleford, but very sad to hear that it was apparently cancelled in the middle of the new season. I can't begin to fathom why, it's the best show on TV right now and one of the all time best there's been in years. I just hope PBS will be airing what little there is left soon! I suppose it figures that an intelligent, original, well made drama would get cancelled in this day and age of CSI and reality shows. If there's no dead hookers or people screaming obscenities at eachother, it doesn't seem to stand a chance, unfortunately. At least there's still the mildly trashy but well costumed charms of Downton Abbey to keep the intelligent viewer occupied. :)
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Okay, well, looks like trying not to neglect LJ has perhaps been less than successful! But everything's kind of crazy; I seem to have a reenactment to go to every weekend, and all the sewing projects I have piling up take their toll. But I'm getting a lot better at the whole 'educating the public about history' thing. The sewing is the easy part compared to that! I'm pretty shy, but I've been interested in the history of the women's rights movement forever, and being able to tell people about an important part of American history that almost always gets overlooked is something I'm really passionate about, and it's totally the best motivation to not be the shrinking violet in the corner, and let the world hear what you have to say! I was a total babbling mess at my first couple of events, but by the most recent one I went to, I think I actually developed a pretty coherent summing up of the mid-19th century women's movement! YAY! Hopefully practice will make perfect!

I'm also taking on yet another sewing project beyond reenacting. Foolish? Probably. Fun? Definitley! I'm making Jane's yellow bustle outfit from Disney's Tarzan! The minute I saw the movie the idea crept into my head, and the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to do it. I didn't have any idea where or when I'd ever get to wear it, but I went ahead and bought the fabric anyway, only to discover a month later that my local costumer's society was planning to do a group of historically accurate Disney Heroine costumes! So voila, a reason to make it! And cut to my first foray back to LJ since this happened, and every other costumer who blogs here is doing Disney heroines too! Too weird, but awesome! So I joined [ profile] dpcostume and the rest is...well, not history, because I've got the actual sewing still ahead of me! But it's incredibly exciting to be part of this national costumer trend of Disney Princess love, and I think it's going to be so fun to see all these different seamstresses interpret the same characters. :)
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Why didn't my last entry post properly? Oy. I never have time to post, and when I do, LJ decides to be weird. *sigh* At least it's there now, better late than never. (Though ironically it was the only entry I ever mentioned politics in aside from during Presidential elections. A sign? Maybe. Of what? I'm not sure!)

Anyhoo, sewing! I've actually started on my chemise for my Civil War dress! Shock of shocks! Actual sewing, can it be possible?! Well, actual sewing hasn't started yet, but I found the muslin and the pattern and it's layed out on my cutting board, which is more progress than I've made in a long time! Also I'm giving myself a deadline this time; I want to finish it this weekend, so that I'll have it out of the way before NaNoWriMo starts. I actually had fun doing NaNo last year, even though I didn't finish, and I'd like to try it again. I doubt I'll finish this year either, but just to get farther than before would be nice, and not having unfinished sewing projects laying around would really help!
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The past week has been chock full of Very Happy Things.

First off, Doctor Who! YAY! A season finale that was actually happy and good and fun and THEY KEPT AMY AND RORY! YAY! Eleven+Amy+Rory=HURRAY!!! I'm so sick of having them change it whenever they hit on a good combination, so I did a little happy dance at the end of this episode, almost (but not quite!) as bad as the Doctor's own ridiculous super-geek dance from the end of this episode. I love how this new Doctor isn't afraid to make a total prat of himself, it's very endearing. Matt Smith, I love you so. ♥ (But seriously I could do with a lot less Alex Kingston next season. She's so obnoxious and annoying. And what kind of a name is River Song, anyway? She's from the future, it's not like her parents could have been hippies. But whatever; we'll probably get more of her next season since Steven Moffat seems to think he's created a wonderfully cool character in her. Oy.) But anyway, Eleven and Amy and Rory!!! Woohoo!! I'm ready for next season!!!

Secondly, I did get my Palm Beach Breeze Silkstone Barbie doll after all! By a miracle they had a coupon that worked, and I spent most of yesterday fawning over how insanely gorgeous my new doll is. The colorful caftan and sparkly beading are so drool-worthy, and her hair is flawless, no messy tangles, just silky smooth perfect curls. I'm all excited like a kid again, it's so awesome! But I have to say that Mattel's practice of putting double-sided stick tape on their doll clothes is very evil; the dresses stay on just fine without the tape, and when you peel it off it leaves sticky goo and shreds any unfinished edges of most fabrics. Not good. But this dress survived okay, so I'm happy.

Thirdly, my patterns from Lost Coast Historical Patterns came! Yay! And they were all either sale or clearance, so that makes it even better, especially when they're from pattern companies I've never used before. But the Great Pattern Review at the GBACG website is usually reliable, so I'm pretty confident. New costuming adventures ahead!!


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