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It's the middle of the night & I'm sick with strep throat, so I've decided to claim a second set of prompts at [ profile] dw_allsorts! No, I haven't even got halfway through the first one, but apparently I've just not got enough things to write... or something. Mostly I'm sick & need distraction. So, my claim is: First Doctor Era- 15 prompts- poetry randomiser:

#01 - Writing by candlelight
#02 - A silken dress
#03 - Too long shut in
#04 - Where are you leading me
#05 - In ferocious cold
#06 - Beating wings
#07 - I dare not move
#08 - I had a dream
#09 - Put off that mask
#10 - The scene is set
#11 - And the sudden light
#12 - Enchantment was undone
#13 - The dust of a kiss
#14 - A gallant flower
#15 - All in war with Time

I have no clue what to do with any of them, but they're so pretty & evocative I hope I can do them justice! The First Doctor era is full of so many great characters and stories I'm bound to find something. Time to start writing!
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Oh dear, I think I want to make Clara's Victorian governess dress from 'The Snowmen' now, and I don't have anything in my stash that will work. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more fabric, but somehow I don't think I'm going to stick to that for very long! (And I already have too many Doctor Who cosplays in the works, I don't need another, but I found a hat that's the same shape as hers, and I already have the bustle, and blue velveteen for the cape, and I should do at least one New Who cosplay, if I want anyone to actually recognize who I'm supposed to be...)

I've not gotten much sewing or writing done this past week, but I've been a bit ill, and the medication was making me so loopy, to the point where I was crying over puppies and worrying about everything. Never try to re-write a fic in those circumstances! O_o (I'm better now though, so damn the torpedoes & full speed ahead!)

Started watching Grantchester, but I'm still undecided if it's any good. I'll watch tomorrow's ep, but it's still on probation; it didn't really catch me. They were certainly selling the 'look at the sexy vicar!' angle quite hard, but I feel like that's not much of a hook, and I don't really feel like I know who he is beyond the usual 'handsome lead with a heart of gold', and a love of jazz thrown in for the sake of quirkiness. They didn't explain why his girlfriend isn't actually his girlfriend, either, which was a little confusing, so hopefully episode two will clear some of these things up. The mystery itself was pretty common, but serviceable, and I'd like to have another show to watch on Mystery! now that most of my faves are defunct. (Still not over Poirot. *sobs*)

Figure skating today was fantastic. I really love Nationals, there's nothing like seeing new up-and-coming skaters for the first time and just being like 'wow, where did they come from?!' Ice Dance continues to be amazing, even without Davis & White. Usually post-Olympic seasons feel like desolate wastelands once the favorites win the Olympics and retire, but not this year! Even though I miss Meryl & Charlie like crazy, everybody else was so, so good that it's still world class competition even without them. Chock & Bates were fantastic, I LOVE their 'American in Paris' freedance, which is really saying something, since the movie is one of my lifelong favorites, and in my mind I could never disassociate the music from Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron whenever anyone skates to it, until this season Madison & Evan just made it their own and I adore it. And I'm so excited to see where Hawarek & Baker will go! They are so graceful and beautiful, and they have so much maturity on the ice that it's hilarious to see them be silly kids off the ice. Just a gorgeous team, I think they should have had the bronze to be honest, but oh well! There's always next year!

Eek, I'd better go eat something before the Ladies' Free skate starts! I'm rooting for Ashley and Gracie and Polina and Mirai and EVERYONE! I love them all!!!
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Ugh, life. As if trying to write isn't hard enough in itself, I just found out someone had gotten hold of my credit card number and was making hundreds of dollars worth of charges. Luckily it was only for a week, but um... oh my god. Now I have to wait for a new card and my card company said the fraudulent charges will be removed immediately, but is it ever that easy? And who knows what else someone might be doing with the rest of my personal info, which they clearly must have if they were using my account online. 9_9

So that's more for me to worry about, as if I didn't already want to beat my head against a brick wall over finishing this play. I'm reasonably close to being done, and I know exactly what needs to happen, it's just that the minute I sit down to do it, my brain rebels and starts going:'Omigod words! Words are too hard! Me no can think thoughts today!' (Half the play is set in the 18th century, so actual historical knowledge is required, which makes it worse.) I think maybe half the problem might also be just me being scared of this being 'it', like actually doing something I've wanted to do my whole life and will it be good enough, will it mean I'm a grown-up, will I feel different, or will it change nothing and I'll be the exact same person and what was it all for? I don't know what's weirder/scarier, but damn, I'd like to at least find out!

And I have to deny myself Classic Who until I finish, which is killing me, because I need Classic Who with a fiery passion that burns brighter than a million suns. But that's why I have to keep away, because Doctor Who hijacks your brain to the point where you can't think of anything else, and I need to use my brain and think of things when I write!

So I just keep telling myself I'm almost there. And the thought of finally having an actual work of fiction in my hands, instead of wistful thoughts of 'if only', is so incredible & exciting. ♥ (Almost as exciting as the fact that I'm going to let myself watch 'The Keys of Marinus' for the first time when I'm done! Seriously, I'm warning everyone, Classic Who will own your soul if you get into it. I've had this play in the back of my mind for more than a decade, and I'm finally realizing my dream and getting it out on a page, and I've put more of my heart into it than I thought I would, and it's the most amazing feeling. But 40% of the time when I sit down to write it, I can't, because my mind is too full of the latest Doctor Who crap I've watched or read. No one warns you when you start Classic Who, no one! The DVDs should come with a warning label: ALL YOUR MOST CHERISHED DREAMS WILL SEEM DIM AND INSIGNIFICANT IN THE FACE OF YOUR ALMIGHTY ADDICTION TO WHO. YOU ARE THE DOCTOR'S BITCH FROM NOW ON. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 (OR YOUR LIFE) EVER AGAIN. SURRENDER AND LOVE IT.)

So there I am. Stressed, but trying. I really should get some sleep now, but tomorrow, onward and upward! (I hope!) ;D
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Well, I think I'm officially crazy. Even though I'm way too busy for it, I've claimed a prompt over at [ profile] dw_allsorts and I've already got ideas! I literally haven't written fanfic of any kind for over a decade, but I've had a sneaking desire to since I got into Classic Who, and I think I'd be more likely to actually do it, and stick with it, if I'm obliged to do so by an outside factor like a challenge comm. So I chose Fanfic Genres:

01. Angst 02. Fluff 03. Crack 04. Crossover 05. Plot? What Plot? 06. Romance

I picked Ian and Barbara for my subjects, since they're my favorites and I've already got quite a bit of headcanon built up for them anyway. And maybe it'll get me back into the swing of writing and I'll go finish that darn play. Or maybe it'll just be geeky fangirl fun. Either way, it can only be good! ;D Gah but I'm terrified and don't even have anyone to beta this stuff... what am I doing?! But it looks like fun and I can't resist!
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My 20th birthday is next week. It's so weird, but I always feel older or younger than I am, and usually at the same time, but never my actual age. Well, anyhow, maybe there's an upside to being 'an adult'; maybe people will finally see that you mean business and let you get to work on what you want to do!

And at any rate, business IS being got down to. I actually started re-writing the 'lost chapter' of my story, but there's nothing worse than re-writing something you've already written, especially when it was perfect the first time. I still have more to re-write, which is terrible, but hopefully once I get past it, and I can stop worrying about the mechanics of re-conecting point A and point B, I'll be able to focus on the story and the characters again, and it'll start to look like something funny and clever again. *fingers crossed*

Started a new doll dress! A picture in a book reminded me vaguely of a pattern I already had, so I thought with a little adapting, I could do a pretty good copy of it. I've got the bodice done so far, and even though it was meant to be a 1900's jacket, with quite a minor adjustment it looks exactly like the 1869 bodice I'm going for.

Miracles do happen! ♥

Now to make a pattern for the skirt, and I shall have a charming additon to my rather fine repetoire of Victorian doll dresses. I suppose I better face it now, bustles are my destiny! ;-D
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I just realized I could have used the fabric I'm making the jacket out of for the back of the waistcoat on the 1914 doll dress. And I just finished the waistcoat, complete with non-matching back. Ugh. I know it probably doesn't matter, but, still.

We're finally getting the new season of Doctor Who this month! Finally! Yay! It's just torture waiting for something you know that everyone in the UK has already seen before you!

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and re-write part of the story I was working on. My old computer is dead, and my mother, despite my repeated, impassioned pleas, will not lift a finger to help get it fixed, so everything I have on it is effectively lost and gone forever. So, the prospect of actual, physical writing with a pen and paper is my only option from here on in. This scares the hell out of me, considering how much physical pain writing puts me in, because of my fibromyalgia and my incurable habit of pressing really hard when I write. But I CANNOT give up writing. What in the heck I'm going to do, I have no idea. But I'm scared witless and I'd sell my soul to have my good old typewriter back.


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