Jul. 29th, 2017

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I'm finding that my decision to not do any theatre this summer in order to concentrate on sewing has left me rather bored and bereft of a social life, but at least I've started to make progress on my historical sewing projects, which is some small consolation. I've finally got my late 1880s bustle done, so I can at least start on skirts now, but for the life of me, I CANNOT find a late 1880s bodice pattern that fits AT ALL. The late 1880s is one of my favorite costume eras, and this year's theme at TeslaCon *is* late 1880s, but I've tried so many patterns that just don't remotely work (and I'm terrible at making patterns from scratch) that I'm just about to give up in despair. *sigh* (On the bright side, I finally made an 1860s/early 70s bodice pattern that fits, so I'm super excited to make some new stuff when I get back to Civil War reeanacting next year!)

In fandom news, I'm terribly, terribly sad that Deborah Watling, who played one of my very favorite Doctor Who companions, has passed away. It was apparently a very recent illness- I just saw her at a Doctor Who convention 8 months ago, and she certainly didn't seem ill then. I first met her at the same convention two years before that, when I'd made cosplays of two of her costumes, and I actually cried the first time I talked to her and told her how much her portrayal of Victoria meant to me! But she was very sweet and hugged me, and asked how long it had taken to make them, and said they looked just like the original outfits she wore. And when I fretted that I had to just guess what color to make the dress from 'Evil of the Daleks' because there were no color photos of it, she said that it didn't matter, because I'd made it with love, so even if it wasn't the exact same color, it was still perfect. I'll never forget that as long as I live. You cosplay a character because you love them, and to be able to let the person who created the character know that means so much.

I think Victoria is a hugely underrated character, and Deborah made her so real and lovable. Her scene with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in 'Tomb of the Cybermen' where he comforts her about her father's death is honestly one of the most beautiful scenes in Doctor Who. It feels like far too soon to be saying goodbye to someone at 69, in this day and age when people live so long, but I'll always treasure the work she did, and the brief time I got to spend with her. RIP Debbie. ♥


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