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Wow, golly, so much stuff has happened since I last updated this journal!

#1: I went to Chicago TARDIS and it was awesome! I got two of my new cosplays done, and two more I put together from items in my wardrobe, so I actually had four new for the weekend, and they were all big hits and lots of fun to wear. Got pics and autographs with the UNIT team and Paul McGann (while in costume!) and generally saw a lot of cool stuff and met lots of lovely people (there were so many First Doctor companion cosplayers there! We had a meet-up and it was amazing!). Pics and further stories will be sorted through soon, since I'm kind of busy at the moment, due to the next thing on this list...

#2: The Cinderella panto I'm stage managing opened this weekend! It was really hard to try to learn how to call a show in literally three days, but I've mostly figured it out and am getting better at it with each performance as I get used to it.

#3: Finished the Third Doctor's era in my great Classic Who watch-a-thon. I have many feelings about it! I'll write up a proper review when I'm less tired! :P
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Over Thanksgiving weekend I attended the Chicago TARDIS Doctor Who convention. I think I'm still recovering! I went the whole weekend, cosplayed the whole weekend, and met lots of fabulous people, and saw lots of amazing costumes. Also spent a ton of money, since so many of my favorite actors were there, and hey, you gotta have the photos and the autographs! I literally danced around my house shrieking for joy when I heard that Deborah Watling, Wendy Padbury AND Frazer Hines (aka Victoria, Zoe, & Jamie) would ALL be there. And I told them this at the photo session; Frazer asked me 'can you show us the dance?' and I said yes! When I did it, they all laughed, and a guy in the room gave me a ribbon 'for squeeing'! (I got lots of ribbons this year! Mwahaha! I only got one last year, and I was afraid I wouldn't get any after I forgot to order some of my own to give out this year, but people were pretty generous with them, maybe they felt sorry for me having to try to maneuver those hallways in a giant hoopskirt! Someone even gave me one that was the same as I was going to do! In the original Coal Hill School colors and everything!!! )

Meeting the actors at the Thurday reception )

The schedule was jam-packed, as usual, and I have gripes about some things, but squee about others )

The Chronological Cavalcade )

Met Billie Piper, but was too tongue-tied to say much! )

More encounters with the Troughton Trio, and how they are both cute, fierce, and like an adorable family. Aww. )

Cosplay, the Masquerade, and I buy lots of Whovian swag )

The Fudge of Rassilon, TARDISES everywhere, and Victoria Waterfield eats a hamburger )

I pretty much collapsed the minute I got home, and I'm still exhausted and afraid to go through all the stuff I brought home! There were so many things to do that I didn't get a chance to do them all, but really, on the whole, I feel pretty darn lucky to have had the opportunity to hang out with so many cool people over an amazing, crazy weekend, and share the love for our amazing, crazy show. I love that there's a place I can chase someone down the hall with a camera shouting "Leela! Leela!" and have them turn around and know I'm not crazy, I just love their costume! I'll cherish the memory of meeting Deborah Watling, especially, forever. I worked so hard for a year to get all those costumes done, but when other people recognize them, and give you a smile or an 'omigod!' that makes all the hard work worth it entirely. Was it exhausting? Yes. Would I do it again? You bet. I'm already plotting for next year. In the best spirit of the Eleventh Doctor: Geronimo! :D
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Well, I went to Chicago Tardis this past weekend, and it was AMAZING. I figured the 50th anniversary would be the year to go, and boy was I right! Getting photos and autographs from 3 Doctors and 5 companions all in one trip is not too shabby! Plus, this year being the biggest ever meant tons of awesome cosplay! I have two memory cards filled with unbelievable photos, which hopefully I will sift through and post here sometime soon, but I'm still so exhausted I haven't even unpacked everything yet!

Anyhoo, I cosplayed for the first time! Thanks to getting really sick two weeks before the Con, the Barmaid Clara dress was the only big dress I got finished, but I wore it on Saturday night, and posed for pictures with two other barmaid Claras, which is so cool. And I wore my black & white Susan Foreman outfit on Friday night, which I have to say I was almost more excited about, because the Hartnell era is a much smaller segment of the fandom, but I got recognized several times, and everybody who knew who I was was SO appreciative it just made my heart swell. (I started watching Classic Who for the first time earlier this year, and I'm officially an Old School Whovian now. It's shocking how much worse the obsession becomes when you get into the old stuff.)

During the day I wore my Tardis dress with Tardis stockings, or Tardis tank top, all picked up at Hot Topic during sales, and I felt quite fabulously geektastic. And I think it's the one time where running into other girls wearing the same clothes as you is actually an awesome occurance!

I must note that I am officially broke now, for the record. Between all the merchandise I picked up in the dealer's room (including finally plunging into Big Finish audios; they were having sales and I went for it!) and the autographs and photos, I literally spent every penny I brought with me. But it was totally worth it, not just for the items themselves, but for the one-on-one time with the actors themselves. I am totally amazed at how gracious and nice all the actors were to everyone. It felt like we spent forever waiting in lines, but then you realize it's because they take the time to actually talk to everyone they sign an autograph for. Unfortunately my mom cried in front of Sarah Sutton and Louise Jameson, which totally set me crying too, and now I feel awful that they looked so worried for us! And I was totally cool as a cucumber the whole rest of the time! Well, actually I totally fangirled Frazer Hines when I ran into him in the dealer's room; I was proper giggling idiot then, but he put up with me very patiently! And either he forgave me, or didn't recognize me the next day when I went to get an autograph, because when I calmly chatted about how excited I was to see 'Enemy of the World' and 'Web of Fear' for the first time, and somehow the conversation turned to how people would tell him how they used to have a crush on him, and I said that I would always have a crush on him no matter how old he got, then he leaned across the table and gave me a big hug AND a kiss on the forehead! I was SO not expecting that, and I was just floating around with a stupid grin, squeeing like the ditsiest fangirl all the way home. I got kissed by Jamie, people!!!!

I also got the famous Paul McGann Soulful Gaze in person!!! I mentioned how I loved him in 'Our Mutual Friend' and he was like "my favorite thing I've ever done! Eugene Wrayburn, so many layers to that character, you know?" And he was giving me that look that he does, that 'I can peer into your soul and you will understand' look that makes me melt when I see it on screen, and I was just nodding and smiling and agreeing, because yeah, Paul McGann, I do know exactly what you're talking about! (Seriously, I thought that was just an actor thing he does for the camera, but apparently it's something indigenous to his actual person. No wonder he works so steadily, no female casting director could be immune to The Soulful Gaze! But I think he must not be aware that he's doing it, because that would make him a very wicked man indeed to be throwing that at fangirls knowingly. Oh boy, it's heady stuff!)

So in addition to the aforementioned encounters with two of my biggest Doctor Who crushes, I also got a personal recommendation from Nicola Bryant of 'Peri and the Piscon Paradox', shared an elevator with Michael Jayston, and rescued Colin Baker from missing his flight after my mother started chatting to him as we were both checking out of the hotel. I met Daleks, Cybermen, Doctors, amazingly creative cosplayers and knitters and crafters, and shared moments of squee with complete strangers who nonetheless felt like friends because we all spoke the same language of loving Doctor Who. I've never been to a convention where you could leave a sweater or a camera on a chair and expect it to be there when you got back, but we did here. Everyone we met was so nice. And I think that's the real magic of Doctor Who. Beyond fantastic adventures in time and space, there's an underlying philosophy of openness and caring and doing the right thing that makes the show special, and the people who love it embrace that totally. And just like that, life imitates art, and the Doctor really does make the world a better place. :)

(At least at one Chicago hotel for one weekend out of the year. Hurry up, 2014, I can't wait for next year! Where's the Tardis when you need it? ;-D)


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