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Here is the new masterpost for my second prompt table originally claimed on LJ and now transferred to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts:

First Doctor Era: 15 prompts - Poetry Randomiser

#01 Writing by candlelight #02 – A silken dress #03 – Too long shut in #04 – Where are you leading me #05 – In ferocious cold
#06 – Beating wings #07 – I dare not move #08 – I had a dream #09 – Put off that mask #10 – The scene is set
#11 – And the sudden light #12 – Enchantment was undone #13 - The dust of a kiss #14 - A gallant flower #15 - All in war with Time
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I'm migrating my prompt table claims from LJ over to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts, so here is my masterpost for my first claim:

Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright: 6 Prompts - Fanfic Genres

#01 – Angst #02 – Fluff #03 – Crack
#04 – Crossover #05 – Plot What Plot
#06 - Romance
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Title: The Thought That Counts
Rating: G
Word Count: 1700
Prompt: [ profile] dw_allsorts 6 prompt table: fanfic genres: fluff
Characters/pairings: Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright
Notes/warnings: I wrote this in haste the day before Christmas and re-worked it several times since then. I still don't know if it works, but if it seems okay, then I'll consider it a victory!
Summary: Mr. Chesterton has been friends with fellow teacher Miss Wright for a while, and now he's come up with the perfect Christmas gift for her, but things don't go quite as planned... (this is unabashed Christmas fluff. Better late than never!)

The Thought That Counts )


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