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So last night I watched the season finale of two of my favorite TV shows (I think the ONLY current TV shows I watch, come to that!) and I have a few thoughts.

Firstly: Garrow's Law! Sadly, it's no longer current, since the third season finale was also the series finale, it having been unaccountably and prematurely axed by the BBC earlier this year. I, for one, miss it already. I just can't say enough good things about how well done this show is.But here I'll certainly try to! How do I love Garrow's Law? Let me count the ways! )

Secondly: Upstairs, Downstairs. This, as far as I know, has not been cancelled, even though it's nowhere near as original or clever as Garrow's Law. Go figure. I definitely don't love this show even half as much as I love Garrow, but it is fun, even if I don't really care about the characters in any personal way.Fluffy soap-opera viewing at it's most stylish. )

So, all told, a satisfying evening of television viewing. And now, the long wait until Downton Abbey season 3 commences! Gah! So excited! And so jealous that it's aired in the UK already, but I'm trying to avoid picking up spoilers anywhere. Maybe I'll just rewatch S2 till it gets here, I think they're re-airing it on Thanksgiving... (heehee. The madness begins again!)
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Saturday evening television is SO boring without Lark Rise to Candleford!! Or Garrow's Law. Or Murdoch Mysteries. I've been trying to watch Land Girls but it's so stupid, and I really can't get into it. It just feels full of cliches and none of the characters are particularly likeable. At least on Lark Rise even the characters you didn't like you still, well, liked. Pearl Pratt, for instance, was just obnoxious and horrrible but you couldn't hate her completely because she was a fully realized person with different layers to her personality; all the characters felt like real people and not just characters, you know? That's called quality writing, and whoever at the BBC decided to pull the plug on it is an idiot beyond measure.

I've been having a look at to see if there's more of Murdoch and Garrow, in the hopes they might return to PBS soon, or at least to hunt down on DVD, and it appears there's three more seasons of Murdoch, but only one more of Garrow's Law. I'm happy that there's something, but it appears the third series is going to be the last, which makes me so sad! Especially since it's only got four episodes each series, and that's not a lot considering that I'd adopted it as my replacement for Lark Rise. Why on earth would they not continue on with something so good? There must be so much material still to draw on in the Old Bailey records, it could go on forever! I'll bet the same idiot who cancelled Lark Rise killed Garrow's Law too. Most likely the BBC has hired a monkey or a dog or something to randomly select which shows go and which stay, because I can't think how someone with an actual human brain would choose to cancel the two most intelligently written, superbly acted, and all around handsomely produced shows the BBC has done since, well, EVER!

I think I need some Lark Rise or Garrow's Law icons, in defiance of cruel fate. (Or just in defiance of evil TV executives. Grr.)
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Well, the happiest season of all is upon us: the figure skating season! So I don't feel too bad about missing the Civil War Harvest ball for lack of a dress, because skating was on TV that day!Skating babble ahead! )

And TV-wise, the period drama gods are being very good to us nerds. Lark Rise to Candleford has been so amazing, as usual. I'm going to miss it so much when it's gone!! And I'm quite pleased with what I've seen of Garrow's Law thus far, even though I haven't managed to see one whole episode at a time yet, since my local PBS station keeps airing it on different days and times! It's definitely on the gritty and dirty side of the period drama spectrum, but like Lark Rise, it's smart and good hearted without ever being sappy or foisting easy answers on us, and gives us complicated characters who are good people, but not one-dimensional models of perfection. And I really don't know where the whole forbidden romance plot is going to end up, but I'm definitely along for the ride.

So between good skating AND good shows on TV, I don't know how I'll get any sewing done. But now that I've moved the bookcase in my room (it was by the window getting moldy! ICK!) I feel like I've conquered one hurdle sitting in my way, so I'm energized to haul out my cutting board and lay out that civil war ball dress pattern! And then I won't have to miss the ball next year! :)


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