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Let me preface this by saying that I've watched Poirot my whole life, and I'm very emotionally attached to the characters after knowing them for 25 years. This will be very, very serious and angsty. And long. I'm still trying to process how I feel about this all, so it will be a bit rambly. Bear with me on this one!

Not so much a review of 'Curtain' as my feelings and thoughts on it. Contains spoilers. )
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Second to last episode of Poirot was on tonight. I have to say, I'm really disappointed. In 25 years, I've never seen an episode where the killer was so blatantly obvious, and actually given away in the middle. The way the actress was playing it was certainly the biggest problem, but there was a line in the script that confirmed it had to be her. I'm really aghast, as I've been watching Poirot my whole life, and I've never figured out the killer before Poirot announced it, the surprise reveal is the fun part. I've never read the novel it's based on, so I can only guess how much of this is from the novel, and how much was bad adaptation, but nothing in it felt like Agatha Christie. (The whole thing with the Countess was especially confusing. I'm positive she was supposed to be the same character played by Kika Markham all those years ago, but suddenly they recast her much younger, and she somehow has an American daughter who hates Poirot? Like, what? Someday I'll have to read this book and find out what was actually going on with all this!) And now I only have one more new episode, and it's the one where he dies. This is absolutely going to destroy me. *sobs in the corner*

My Doctor Who cosplay plans are mostly on track, I finished my Abominable Snowmen Victoria, yay! Working on Invasion Zoe now, but may have to scrap my Barbara outfits, because I can't get the wig I need for it anymore, and I can't get my own hair to do a bouffant (and wouldn't want to even if I could!) The wig I ordered for it apparently only comes in red now, and they don't make the brown version anymore. (Which would have been nice to know BEFORE I ordered it! Don't just say it's in stock and send me the wrong one! ARG!!!) And only two weeks to go before the con! Eek! Somehow I'll make this work as long as I just keep sewing!
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OMG I forgot there was a new Poirot episode tonight, and so I turn on the TV a few minutes into it AND THERE'S HASTINGS AND MISS LEMON AND INSPECTOR JAPP. WHY YOU NO TELL ME THIS, PBS?! NOT NICE TO SPRING ON POOR UNSUSPECTING FANGIRL OUT OF THE BLUE! And they were at Poirot's funeral, no less, and even though we know this isn't an adaptation of Curtain, so he can't really be dead, still. Make me feel all the feels, why don't you?! I am never wanting to see besties thinking Poirot is dead again! MY BABIES! THE GANG REUNITED. THE GANG. Hastings and Miss Lemon only had a few minutes at the beginning and end, BUT STILL. MY BABIES. THE GANG. THEY STILL LOVE EACHOTHER. Hastings, you adorable, lovable, stupid idiot, never, EVER change. Omigod, a few minutes and I can't even deal with it. I've always wished we could have more new eps with the gang, but it might actually cause my heart to explode. They are the BEST. I've watched Poirot my whole life, and I love all of it, but the early eps with the gang will always be the Golden Age to me. Oh yeah, and there was a mystery somewhere in there too, but whatever. I got to see my babies today!!!! ♥

And Ariadne Oliver is in next week's episode! Yay, I love her too! I always like it best when Poirot has some friends along on a case. He's one of the few detectives who really can carry a story on his own, but it's just more fun with friends. (And now I will try to recover and speak in proper language again, instead of randomly breaking into lolcat speak like I've apparently been doing in this post... my love is so great that proper grammar can't even contain it.)

Edit: After some poking around online, I've just discovered that they ARE doing Curtain this year! It's already aired in the UK! It's over! This is the end! THE END OF POIROT FOREVER! OMG NOOOOOOO!!!! It's been there my whole life! How can the world just go on without it? I think we should have gotten a proper adventure with Hastings and Miss Lemon in the whole episode if it's really the end... how can this be happening? I should have figured it would have to end sometime, but- just- OH GOD WHY???? *curls up in a ball and cries*


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