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I wish I didn't feel so tired & listless, but I think I'm still recovering from my Chicago trip. I really did too much and ended up feeling worse than I've felt in years when I got home- the kind of migraine headache you hope even your worst enemy doesn't have to ever experience. (And the show I went to see wasn't even very good- some strange directing choices & leads who didn't really have much chemistry kind of ruined it, even though the supporting cast was all very good, and of course the score is beautiful. But I never like it when they do Carousel without modifying some of the lines that romanticize domestic violence, and they left them all in this one. o_O)

I didn't get much time to recover afterward, either, because I had to be at a rehearsal both days that weekend- I finally went and gave community theater a shot, like I've been meaning to do for ages, and I got to be stage manager for the early readings of a new play they're developing, which was fun. But now I'm waiting to hear back about who they're going to carry over to the final production, so we'll see what happens. But now after so much going on at once, I'm just exhausted!

I hoped some Classic Who would cheer me up, so I listened to Marco Polo at last. I'd seen the little condensed version on the Edge of Destruction DVD of course, but this is the first time I listened to the full audio. It was great, of course, but I think it's bound to fall a little short when there's no visuals. All those tantalizingly beautiful color photos from the production have kind of spoiled me for it, I think! You just want to see it all SO MUCH and we never will. *sobs* There's many little moments that I would really love to have seen, and missing them just kind of made me sad. And it's one of the strongest storylines Susan ever has, and it's entirely gone! ARG! Barbara didn't have much to do in it, which was a bit ironic, considering she's the history nerd, and it's her first trip into history & the first real historical figure she's ever met, & it would have been so cute to have her be all geeky over it, but oh well. I guess the action/adventure angle always comes first, and it was pretty exciting the whole time, anyhow. There's so much stuff in it I would literally pay to see- but I can't even do that! *more sobs* Also, how cute is Ping-Cho? She & Susan are the most precious tiny baby besties, and it's so nice to see young girls being treated as real characters having real conversations rather than just token girlfriends of some male character, who don't have any purpose in the story beyond talking about said male character. I'm so glad to find out Ping-Cho lived happily ever after- I was so worried about her after I saw the condensed version, because when they left, it didn't tell what happened to her! Mystery solved at last! Also, the instrumental score is SO pretty. Doctor Who really has under-used music throughout most of it's history, and I think it's such a shame, because it can add so much atmosphere to different times & places, like it did here. More pretty music, please. So all in all it was really good, but I'm just sad because I wish I could actually see it and I can't. Boo. (But I'll be darned if it'll keep me from cosplaying this story like crazy! Just wait till November...)
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