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I'm finding that my decision to not do any theatre this summer in order to concentrate on sewing has left me rather bored and bereft of a social life, but at least I've started to make progress on my historical sewing projects, which is some small consolation. I've finally got my late 1880s bustle done, so I can at least start on skirts now, but for the life of me, I CANNOT find a late 1880s bodice pattern that fits AT ALL. The late 1880s is one of my favorite costume eras, and this year's theme at TeslaCon *is* late 1880s, but I've tried so many patterns that just don't remotely work (and I'm terrible at making patterns from scratch) that I'm just about to give up in despair. *sigh* (On the bright side, I finally made an 1860s/early 70s bodice pattern that fits, so I'm super excited to make some new stuff when I get back to Civil War reeanacting next year!)

In fandom news, I'm terribly, terribly sad that Deborah Watling, who played one of my very favorite Doctor Who companions, has passed away. It was apparently a very recent illness- I just saw her at a Doctor Who convention 8 months ago, and she certainly didn't seem ill then. I first met her at the same convention two years before that, when I'd made cosplays of two of her costumes, and I actually cried the first time I talked to her and told her how much her portrayal of Victoria meant to me! But she was very sweet and hugged me, and asked how long it had taken to make them, and said they looked just like the original outfits she wore. And when I fretted that I had to just guess what color to make the dress from 'Evil of the Daleks' because there were no color photos of it, she said that it didn't matter, because I'd made it with love, so even if it wasn't the exact same color, it was still perfect. I'll never forget that as long as I live. You cosplay a character because you love them, and to be able to let the person who created the character know that means so much.

I think Victoria is a hugely underrated character, and Deborah made her so real and lovable. Her scene with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor in 'Tomb of the Cybermen' where he comforts her about her father's death is honestly one of the most beautiful scenes in Doctor Who. It feels like far too soon to be saying goodbye to someone at 69, in this day and age when people live so long, but I'll always treasure the work she did, and the brief time I got to spend with her. RIP Debbie. ♥
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Not much to post about- been shockingly unproductive lately. (Though I did go to see My Fair Lady at the Lyric Opera a second time before it closed! It was even better the second time, and it's now unquestionably my favorite show I've ever seen. If only it had been filmed!! I'd watch it all the time. Ugh, I just love it soooo much!! *starts humming 'I Could Have Danced All Night'*)

I'm slightly questioning whether I'll go to this year's Doctor Who convention- I did already buy tickets, but you can still transfer them to someone else. I had intended to compete in the Masquerade, since there's no guests I want pics or autographs from this year, so I would have time to go to all the rehearsals and whatnot, but I'm having a devil of a time finding a pattern to use for the cosplay I wanted to do. I have all the fabric and accessories for Tegan's Victorian ballgown from 'Enlightenment', but when I made a muslin of the bodice pattern I planned to use (Laughing Moon 1890s bodice)- it did not fit AT ALL. So I'm back to square one, and not terribly enthused about it, and if I don't compete in the Masquerade, I don't know if it's worth it to go. :/

Nearing the end of my Classic Who watch-a-thon though! I've had to go somewhat out of order out of necessity, so I just watched Romana II's last ep and Sarah Jane's last back to back. Whovian musings under cut )

So now I have only six more serials left to watch before I'll have seen every Classic Who story!! It's been more than four years since I started; it's going to be strange not to have 'new' old Who to watch. But then of course, there's always Big Finish. I bought the rest of Eight & Charley's stories last time they had a sale, so I've got quite a lot to listen to. There's not really any such thing as being 'done' where Doctor Who is concerned, lol.
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So tired. Final dress rehearsal for my latest play went well- but honestly after a very long tech week, I feel like I'd rather just be done with it and sleep for a whole day than go to opening night tomorrow! But apparently people have paid to come see us, which is pretty cool after all, so the show goes on. And since I'm running the show from backstage, I get to play with the vintage hats and costumes in the ladies dressing room while they're all on stage, heehee! (No, I'm not supposed to, but that's just what happens when you leave me alone with a rack full of vintage clothing for any length of time. When the cat's

I'm sad that I didn't finish my fic for [community profile] who_guestfest yet again. *sigh* But at least I started one this year! But once tech week came around, it was a lost cause to even think about writing anything. Still gonna try and finish eventually, but probably after the show closes, since I'll need to sleep sometime between then and now!

Watched the season premiere of Doctor Who, since I was sitting home that Saturday night and had nothing else to do anyway. (Or so I thought: I learned the next day that THE ZOMBIES(!!!) had played a concert a few miles away from me that very night and I'd missed it. I had no idea the original band members had even gotten back together, let alone had a tour stop in my hometown, so I spent the next day crying my eyes out at missing my one chance ever to hear my favorite band live. But I digress...) text )

Anyway, just hoping to get thru the rest of this weekend without collapsing! *fingers crossed*
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Here is the new masterpost for my second prompt table originally claimed on LJ and now transferred to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts:

First Doctor Era: 15 prompts - Poetry Randomiser

#01 Writing by candlelight #02 – A silken dress #03 – Too long shut in #04 – Where are you leading me #05 – In ferocious cold
#06 – Beating wings #07 – I dare not move #08 – I had a dream #09 – Put off that mask #10 – The scene is set
#11 – And the sudden light #12 – Enchantment was undone #13 - The dust of a kiss #14 - A gallant flower #15 - All in war with Time
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I'm migrating my prompt table claims from LJ over to the Dreamwidth side of the comm at [community profile] who_allsorts, so here is my masterpost for my first claim:

Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright: 6 Prompts - Fanfic Genres

#01 – Angst #02 – Fluff #03 – Crack
#04 – Crossover #05 – Plot What Plot
#06 - Romance
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Random updating returns! For a start, it's my birthday today, and I feel rather ill, but I'm determined to go out and get an ice cream sundae later and try to have some fun and not feel too depressed that I'm another year older. It feels a little anti-climactic to have my actual birthday a few days after my birthday party, but I've got a rehearsal tonight, and a couple of my friends are in the show, so at least I'll get to see them and that's nice. And anyway, last week I went to hear Chad & Jeremy (1960s British folk duo) live in concert as my early birthday present to myself, which was amazing and so much fun, so I really can't complain. (They're just as good now as they were in 1964. They're very funny in person, and they've even branched out into blues-ier songs as well, which they're equally adept at. But hearing their classics like 'A Summer Song', 'Willow Weep for Me' and 'Distant Shores' live was just magical. And I got to chat with them when they signed my poster! Not many 60s bands a girl my age can say that about!)

So as mentioned above, rehearsals for this year's holiday panto have started. We're doing the Wizard of Oz, and it's good silly fun. I don't think I quite have my stage manager organizational brain capabilities 100% back yet, but hopefully it'll come to me soon!

Amidst lists and script changes and rehearsals I don't have much time for other projects, but I'm chugging along with my sewing- my brown Steampunk jacket for TeslaCon is ready to be sewn together, or at least seems to be- it's a Simplicity pattern, so I don't trust it one bit, but the muslin mock-up didn't have any problems, so I'm keeping fingers crossed it'll behave as well in the cotton twill fashion fabric.

Been randomly watching Classic Who. I got very bored once Harry left, though! I don't know what it is that makes my brain turn off the minute it's only the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the TARDIS, and I feel like a bad fan for it, but idk. I just couldn't keep awake during 'Planet of Evil' or 'Pyramids of Mars' even though everyone says they're some of the best. Maybe it's the definite shift from the 'team tardis' dynamic to the 'doctor and sidekick' dynamic that I find off-putting. But I'll continue to watch because it's Doctor Who and I'm so close to finishing the classic series! (And also I've been procrastinating by listening to Big Finish in between TV serials- oops! I should really give all the Big finish stories proper reviews someday when I'm less busy.)

Anyway, that's all for now and I should get some sleep. LOL that would be the best birthday present of all!
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Life has been crazy lately- I've had family crisis come up that makes my schedule unpredictable, so I had to quit the Shakespeare play I was doing. I feel horribly guilty because it opens next week, but there's no way I can commit to the rigorous schedule of it right now. And I actually got to sing in one scene, and I really miss singing with other people, so I'm rather gutted to be missing out on that. But sometimes there's nothing you can do when everything happens at once. *sigh*

Obviously, I haven't had any time for sewing and I think my Peggy Carter cosplay will have to be shelved. Boo. But I can always wear one of my old Disney Princess outfits for that convention. What I really need to concentrate on making a wardrobe for is TeslaCon! I've been designing random steampunk things for years that I've never actually made, so this is the year to finally do it! I'm washing up some fabric and hoping to start sewing as soon as I have some free time.

My Doctor Who watch-a-thon has resumed with 'Revenge of the Cybermen'. Reactions here )
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Costume Con is two weeks away and I really need to get my dresses done! The only outfit I actually have completed is my 1898 summer suit. I have about half the work still to go on the bustle dresses, and I think only two of them will get done. I've decided to do all the same era so that I would have less new undergarments to make- the 1870 crinolette bustle has a lovely silhouette, and is my personal favorite, so I went with that, but I hadn't anticipated how impossible it is to sit down in one of those things! I'm quite worried about what a nightmare it'll be to wear at the convention, but I've committed to it, so no going back now! I feel slightly guilty about using slubbed silk though, since it's not period, but I'm far too broke to afford silk taffeta at the moment, and the day dress I'm making is inspired by a vintage hat I own and plan to wear with it, and I already had some dupioni silk in my stash that was the exact matching colors, so free and matching trumps expensive and historically accurate in this case. It's all for fun anyway, and I hope I won't encounter any of the sort of costumers who'd look down on someone for something like that.

(Some references to what I'm talking about for anyone not steeped in 19th century fashion: the day dress I'm making is based on this dress from the Mint Museum:)

Fandom-wise, I've at least had the opportunity to listen to lots of Big Finish Doctor Who stories while I cut out fabric- more than I can properly review here right now, but I just heard 'The Companion Chronicles: The Last Post' today and absolutely adored it. I liked Liz's mum and think they're great together, and it was a clever story, how it was woven through all of the serials of season 7. I guess it was Caroline John's last time playing Liz, too, which I didn't realize till I looked inside the CD booklet after it was over, and it's a good thing I didn't know while I was listening, because I would have been very sad! I love Liz so much, and we're so lucky we get to have a few more stories with her because of Big Finish. Bless Big Finish, for they are doing the Lord's work. ♥ (Well, Time Lord's work, at any rate! LOL)
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Behold: a random blog update! Nothing terribly exciting to speak of- I've been sewing pretty much constantly and will continue to do so up until the first weekend in May for Costume Con. I have six new Victorian dresses in the works, which means several new period correct undergarments to go with them, so it's a big project, but it's been my dream to go to a costuming convention with a fabulous historical wardrobe to wear for as long as I can remember, so hell or high water will not stop me until they're all done!

Of course, this also means I have very little time for anything else, and already had to give up auditioning for three plays that open the same weekend as the convention. I signed up for [ profile] dw_guestfest too, and really want to do it, but I've found absolutely no time to write lately either. Still, I hope a miracle will happen between now & my chosen posting date and I'll find time to do it, so I'm not quite ready to give up on the possibility just yet.

Still trying to keep up my epic Classic Who watch-a-thon as well, albeit at a much slower pace. I'm currently watching the beginning of the Fourth Doctor's run, and enjoying the team of Four, Sarah Jane, and Harry immensely. (And now I've finally seen episodes with every single TARDIS team in Classic Who! I'm nearing the end of the voyage! Only two full seasons and a few stray serials left before I'm finished! IDK whether I'm happy or sad to be almost done with this wonderful crazy show.) The Ark in Space was so very good- the design of the space station looked really great, and the story was very suspenseful and totally nail-biting throughout. And Harry is just delightful- I think he wins the prize for best under-reaction for a first time TARDIS-traveller with his mildly concerned "oh, I say!" upon landing on a space station thousands of years in the future! Too bad he doesn't stay through all of next season. And it's still a bit strange to be seeing Sarah Jane so young, after having met her first in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', but it's also kind of interesting, because if you think about, that must be what it's like to actually live in the timey-wimey Doctor Who universe, where time-travel is real and you don't always meet people in the right order. Doctor Who is weird and I love it.

Anyway, away I go to get some sleep so I can sew more tomorrow.
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I've only completed 6 new fics this year, but since everyone else seems to have done this already:Fic Writing Meme )
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Wow, golly, so much stuff has happened since I last updated this journal!

#1: I went to Chicago TARDIS and it was awesome! I got two of my new cosplays done, and two more I put together from items in my wardrobe, so I actually had four new for the weekend, and they were all big hits and lots of fun to wear. Got pics and autographs with the UNIT team and Paul McGann (while in costume!) and generally saw a lot of cool stuff and met lots of lovely people (there were so many First Doctor companion cosplayers there! We had a meet-up and it was amazing!). Pics and further stories will be sorted through soon, since I'm kind of busy at the moment, due to the next thing on this list...

#2: The Cinderella panto I'm stage managing opened this weekend! It was really hard to try to learn how to call a show in literally three days, but I've mostly figured it out and am getting better at it with each performance as I get used to it.

#3: Finished the Third Doctor's era in my great Classic Who watch-a-thon. I have many feelings about it! I'll write up a proper review when I'm less tired! :P
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Random middle of the night updates are better than no updates I suppose, so-

I took the stage manager position after all. I really want to keep doing theater, and I decided it's best not to turn down opportunities when they're handed to you! This means I will be very busy for the next three months, and so I won't have time to make Clara's governess outfit for Chicago TARDIS this year. :(

BUT- I have three other cosplays planned, and one is almost done, one already started, and the other I have all the materials for- and except for painting the flowers and birds onto Ian's Marco Polo jacket, they're relatively simple, so I should still have all three days of the convention covered! Woohoo! I can do this!!! \o/

Also went to see an exhibit of costumes from Downton Abbey last week- it was amazing! They had them set up in a beautiful historic mansion that was modelled on an English country house, so you really got the full 'stepping into history' ambiance. The costumes are half the reason I watch, tbh, and they're all so exquisite in person. The construction details are interesting to see, & getting to look up close from several angles was a real treat! A lot of the beaded & embroidered pieces were actually from the period, and you just don't see handwork like that anymore! Also it was very surprising to see how tiny all the actresses costumes are. You expect them to be very tall because they have so much screen presence, but they're just average people, albeit very thin ones! There's hope for us short girls yet, lol.

My Classic Who watch-a-thon has already slowed to a crawl before my rehearsals even start, but I finally managed to watch 'The Three Doctors' last night. I felt very strongly that the Second Doctor was written completely out of character, so that was very disappointing, since I'd hoped for one more story with my lovely, sweet, funny Two, and got a rather obnoxious childish substitute instead. Even the Brigadier felt a bit off- his dryly amused air replaced with outright disdain for the Doctor in some instances, so I think the writers were simply not having a good day. The story was alright, & Benton & Jo were adorable as usual, so that was good at least. And of course, the small bits with William Hartnell as the First Doctor really got to me. However small, they're his last appearance as the Doctor, and he's the original and best, in my book. ♥ On to 'Carnival of Monsters' next!
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I'm afraid I've been horribly neglectful of LJ lately, but the play I'm stage managing opens next week, & there's been lots of work, lots of drama (and I don't just mean in the play itself!) and lots of stress. I really haven't had time for much else, and it'll be even worse when tech week starts on Sunday. 9_9

So I'll try to distract myself from all the worry for a moment with this cool meme, taken from the lovely [ profile] lost_spook:

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

4: Bravo! Have a cookie.

Drabbles for Anne of Green Gables, Doctor Who, Gargoyles, Lord Peter Wimsey, and ReBoot under the cut )

That was quite fun! Some of those prompts were frighteningly appropriate for the fandom they matched up with, I must say! And these are actually my first attempts at writing fic for a fandom other than Doctor Who in over a decade, so yay! Trying new things again! (Though I'm not 100% certain the Gargoyles one wasn't actually half-remembered dialogue from the actual show, lol. But the one good point of obscure fandoms is that no one will call you out for it!) ;D
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Been reading Emma by Jane Austen. My impressions of it here )

In my Classic Doctor Who Watch-athon, I've finished 'Delta & the Bannermen'. All I can say is that I now take back what I said about 'Paradise Towers' being weird- it was perfectly normal compared to 'Delta & the Bannermen'! Poor old Seven just gets the weirdest stories. (And that's really saying something, considering this is Doctor Who...) Rambly Whovian musings here )
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My sporadic Classic Who Watch continues! I've seen almost all of the First Doctor's era (as far as one can be said to have seen all of it, considering half of it is missing) but I skipped a few serials back when I started, & it's long past time I went back & watched the darn things at last! I'd been saving 'The Keys of Marinus' for a treat, since it's my favorite TARDIS crew, but I found it to be a bit of a mixed bag. Thoughts & spoilers behind the cut )
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Some uninteresting blathering about my uninteresting life... )

I hoped some Classic Who would cheer me up, so I listened to Marco Polo at last. I'd seen the little condensed version on the Edge of Destruction DVD of course, but this is the first time I listened to the full audio. Cut for rambling mixture of squee and angst at missing serials )
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Here's a pic of my cosplay of Susan Foreman from two years ago:

Susan Foreman outside TARDIS

and a 'family portrait' with a First Doctor cosplayer I ran into:

First Doctor & Susan

(I shouted 'Grandfather!' when I saw him, and he gave me a funny look before he realized I was Susan, lol. Unfortunately this blurry pic was the only one I got with him!)
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Hey here are some pics of my cosplay of Clara Oswald from 'The Snowmen' from 2 years ago:

Clara Oswin Oswald

Clara is menaced by a cyberman

This was my 'barmaid on a budget' dress that I threw together when I was really sick with some kind of nasty virus, & I just barely got it done before I had to wear it at the con! But considering the time & budget constraints, I think it turned out pretty well, & I had a lot of fun wearing it.
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The last of the snow finally melted, & it distinctly felt like spring today! 75 degrees & no coats to be seen! I'm SO ready to wear dresses & sandals again! \o/

Also I'm super excited to be going to back to Chicago in a few weeks for Lyric Opera's production of Carousel. I love that they do a musical every year now- it's basically a Broadway production without having to go to New York! Laura Osnes & Steven Pasquale are starring, so wow! Also Catherine Zuber is doing the costumes & she's my fave costume designer on Broadway currently, so very excited to see what she'll come up with. Having seen their production of Oklahoma! two years ago, I know the Lyric orchestra is fantastic, and the whole production is going to be fabulous. (Also it's so glamorous there & I get to dress up, which is extra fun!) It's like musical theatre geek heaven! I'm so excited!

My Classic Who watch continues: I listened to 'The Celestial Toymaker', which was okay, but not very exciting. I think it was really intended to make it's impact through the visuals, and since most of it's missing, you lose a lot of the interest on audio. More thoughts behind the cut )

Also watched 'Paradise Towers', which was... weird. 80s Who is just so much weirder than other eras, for some reason. But it was alright, certainly, & there were a lot of female characters, which is always nice to see on TV, & I just really like Mel no matter what anyone else says! But I thought the end was a little odd. Thoughts on why here )

Also, just yesterday I was at the fabric store & saw the exact blue-polka fabric that Mel's outfit in 'Paradise Towers' was made of... and now part of me is actually contemplating cosplaying that heinous 80s monstrosity. I'm pretty sure I'd be the only Mel at the con... but I'm already planning Vicki, Ian, Romana I, possibly 2 Claras and possibly a Barbara, I don't need more!! Shut up, brain!! Is there a support group for compulsive companion cosplayers? Because I think I need to join it...
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It's the middle of the night & I'm sick with strep throat, so I've decided to claim a second set of prompts at [ profile] dw_allsorts! No, I haven't even got halfway through the first one, but apparently I've just not got enough things to write... or something. Mostly I'm sick & need distraction. So, my claim is: First Doctor Era- 15 prompts- poetry randomiser:

#01 - Writing by candlelight
#02 - A silken dress
#03 - Too long shut in
#04 - Where are you leading me
#05 - In ferocious cold
#06 - Beating wings
#07 - I dare not move
#08 - I had a dream
#09 - Put off that mask
#10 - The scene is set
#11 - And the sudden light
#12 - Enchantment was undone
#13 - The dust of a kiss
#14 - A gallant flower
#15 - All in war with Time

I have no clue what to do with any of them, but they're so pretty & evocative I hope I can do them justice! The First Doctor era is full of so many great characters and stories I'm bound to find something. Time to start writing!


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